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Accelerated BA/MA in Intercultural Studies

BE PREPARED TO MAKE A GLOBAL IMPACT. The MA in Intercultural Studies prepares students to embark on the unique tasks of Christian mission.


BE FULLY EQUIPPED FOR MINISTRY. Earn both your BA and MDiv in only 5 years! This groundbreaking early-entry MDiv program is designed for students sensing an early call to pastoral ministry. The Advance 5-Year BA/MDiv lays a foundation for effective ministry with a biblical understanding of local church ministry.

BA in Psychology/MA in Mental Health Counseling

Be prepared to impact the lives of people who need emotional and psychological help. We partner with the Divinity School, on our Deerfield campus to offer a dual BA in Psychology (Counseling Psychology Emphasis) with an MA in Mental Health Counseling.

Certificate in Educational Ministries

The purpose of the Certificate in Educational Ministries is to provide a broad contextual overview of the educational endeavors of the church, which seeks to equip people with theory and practice to become mature believers in Christ.

Certificate in Hippocratic Healthcare Ethics

The goal of Trinity’s certificate program is to enhance your current ministry or to open up a new field of study for you. If you decide you want to pursue further education in bioethics at Trinity, this program will prepare you for that master’s degree, with part of your coursework already completed.

Certificate in Organizational Leadership

The purpose of the Certificate in Organizational Leadership is to engage participants in a deeper understanding of Christian leadership in organizational systems both in the church and beyond.

Certificate in Pro-Life Advocacy and Engagement

The graduate certificate in Pro-Life Advocacy and Engagement is designed with various groups of students in mind, including those who are presently—or aspire to be—engaged in the various opportunities involved in pro-life advocacy and non-profit organizations, as well as in relevant careers in pregnancy care support. The certificate is well-suited for those with professional or other responsibilities who need a flexible 12-semester hour certificate.

Certificate in Teaching and Learning

The purpose of the Certificate in Teaching and Learning is to focus on the theory and practice of the teaching-learning experience in Christian contexts.

Certificate in Theological Studies

The goal of Trinity’s Certificate program is to enhance your current ministry or to prepare you for something new. If you decide you want more education, this program will prepare you for a Master of Divinity or another master's degree, with part of your coursework already completed.

DMin Thriving Immigrant Churches Track

The Thriving Immigrant Churches Track will offer immigrant pastors and leaders multiple learning opportunities to address their unique challenges by helping them to form innovative ministry strategies and a strong witnessing community that will bless their neighbors and beyond

Doctor of Ministry

BUILD ON YOUR MINISTRY FOUNDATION. Our newly restructured Doctor of Ministry program is now a 4-year, 30-hour hybrid model where you study both online and in-person. Learn from some of the world’s leading Bible scholars at one of the top evangelical seminaries in the nation.

Doctor of Philosophy (Educational Studies)

The PhD (Educational Studies) is designed to further the development of leaders already serving in organizations such as higher education institutions, mission agencies, congregations, parachurch agencies, and relief and development agencies.

Doctor of Philosophy (Intercultural Studies)

Our mission is to help leaders develop their God-given abilities to serve Christ by proclaiming his gospel to every nation. The program trains evangelists, missionaries, and world leaders for leadership positions in global ministries.

Doctor of Philosophy (Theological Studies)

This program is meant for theologically informed students able to relate their work to the field of Systematic Theology broadly.

Korea Doctor of Ministry 학사 안내

The DMin degree is the highest earned professional degree for ministry and is designed to enhance the practical competence of those already engaged in full-time ministry. Our focus is the development of advanced ministry skills, strategies, and theology for solving problems and building Christ-honoring ministries.

MA in Bioethics

The MA in Bioethics (MA/BE) gives students the ethical tools they need to address pressing contemporary issues of medicine, healthcare, technology, and theology.

MA in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care

Will you answer the call to the chaplaincy today? TEDS’ chaplaincy program (MA/Chaplaincy and Ministry Care) will provide you with the tools and spiritual formation needed to minister with excellence.

MA in Church History

The MA/CH provides focused study in the history of the Christian church, from the first days of the early church to recent movements and ongoing developments in the church worldwide.

MA in Educational Ministries

Equip others for ministry by studying Educational ministries. This flexible degree program, now available entirely online, is ideal for ministry leaders who want to improve and expand their service in the local church and fill a role that builds congregational ministries through Christian education ministry.

MA in Intercultural Studies

Become a leader invested with the Bible and fluent in intercultural studies. Develop the knowledge and skills to serve in cross-cultural settings with the MA/ICS. Learn to integrate theological, historical, and social-scientific disciplines into the practice of ministry.

MA in Mental Health Counseling

The MA/MHC prepares students to be professionally licensed counselors. Potential fields include, but are not limited to, addictions counseling, marriage and family therapy, grief counseling, spiritual abuse counseling, and adolescent therapy. Additionally, it’s an excellent foundation for doctoral work in counseling and related fields.

MA in New Testament

Study the New Testament at Trinity to further your academic understanding of the early church and as an act to worship God. The MA/NT will train you to be fluent in the New Testament—its texts, context, translation, the church in the New Testament, theology, and interpretation.

MA in Old Testament & Semitic Languages

Transform your understanding of the Old Testament by studying at Trinity. The Masters of Arts in Old Testament and Semitic Languages will teach you to honor and reflect mindfully on the study of the Old Testament.

MA in Systematic Theology

The MA/ST is a specialized study in Christian doctrine: its biblical grounding, historical development, logical coherence, and contemporary context. The MA/ST combines a biblical and systematic theology core with coursework in systematic theology, biblical theology, historical and/or contemporary theology, and church history.

MA/Theological Studies

Trinity’s Master of Arts in Theological Studies offers evangelical training that fits your ministry needs. Take your faith and apply it to your mission. This program will show you the benefits of studying theology and serving the church or other vocational responsibilities.

Master of Divinity

All Christians are called to live out the gospel, but there are many different vocations where a believer can answer that call. Trinity’s Master of Divinity will prepare you to answer God’s call to pastoral ministry. At TEDS, you will also be provided an excellent foundation for further academic work and many other unique ministry contexts.

Master of Divinity: Advanced Placement

Excellent training on a timeline that builds upon the great work you’ve already done. The MDiv is considered the standard professional degree for pastoral ministry, and provides an excellent foundation for further academic work and many other ministry contexts.

Master of Theology

Add the Masters of Theology to your MDiv experience. If you are interested in doctoral work, the ThM is perfect for you. Additionally, MDiv students who might not be interested in PhD work may find that the ThM allows them to deepen their academic foundations in a particular area that will benefit the future ministry.