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Our student services offices are available to assist you as you navigate your way through the Trinity community. Whether you need help writing a research paper, jump-starting your car, preparing a resume or sending a package, we are here to help! We have resources available to help you achieve your academic, financial, and personal goals.

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Campus Safety

Safety and Security Services: 847.317.6400
The mission of Campus Safety and Security Services is to faithfully serve and protect the Trinity community with care and compassion in collaboration with Facility Services and Student Affairs to promote individual responsibility and respect so that the goal of Christ-centered academic excellence can be obtained.
Trinity International University publishes a Crime Statistics page and keeps a Daily Fire & Crime Log. Both reports can be accessed from the menu at the bottom of this page under Campus Safety Info. These reports are also available to be viewed in person during normal business hours at Facility Services.
All vehicles must check in with security or have a current TIU parking permit. Passes, permits and a copy of the rules and regulations may be obtained at the Gate House located by the Route 22 entrance. When operating a vehicle on University property, you fall subject to all State and TIU motor vehicle regulations. These regulations are provided in the student handbook. Register your parking permit >>
The following services are provided by Safety and Security Services:
  • 24-hour-a-day safety escorts (x6400 from a campus phone)
  • Vehicle jump starts
  • Vehicle lock out assistance
  • Missing items/ theft reports
  • Room lock/out assistance

Security information

Your safety and security is our highest priority. Please report any suspicious or criminal activity to Safety and Security Services at 847.317.6400. You can also visit our web page on myTIU. Other important numbers:
  • POLICE: 911 (From a campus phone dial: 9-911)
  • FIRE/EMS: 911 (From a campus phone dial: 9-911)
TIU Emergency Alert System: Trinity International University uses RAVE, a university-wide text/voice messaging alert service that will notify students, faculty and staff if an emergency situation occurs on campus. The alerts provide real-time information as a text/voice message to your cell phone in the event of an emergency. The campus alert service will be used in the event of an Emergency Notification, Timely Warning or when any other important information needs to be relayed to the Trinity community.
Emergency Blue Light Phones: There are 4 emergency blue light phones strategically placed around campus that will connect you to a university security officer 24 hours a day. Press the button for help and your call will be placed automatically. Don’t know where you are? Don‘t worry, your location is provided to security when you call.

International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO)

The ISSO is committed to helping international students as they transition to life in the States. We provide counseling on immigration issues and cultural adjustments, we facilitate a special orientation for international students, and we work to coordinate hospitality and the availability of household items and furniture. We also offer exciting fellowship groups, various activities and events throughout the school year (such as the annual Revelation 7 Week celebration, the International Students’ Graduation Dinner, and Global Coffee Hours), and can help international students get academic tutoring.

Visas and Legal Matters

Our office works to ensure that international students understand and are able to comply with all visa requirements. Information on all the relevant requirements is found through our official page >>

Counseling Information

Counseling Resources – Phone: 847-317-4067 | Email: [email protected] | Website: Counseling Information >>
The Counseling Department at TEDS recognizes that counseling- partnering with another in intentional dialogue to achieve change– can be an enriching and healing process. Whether it is an acute mental health concern, a relational rupture, a recalcitrant habit, a yearning to position self for formation in Christ, or the launch into a new phase of one’s career or development; a therapist may be of assistance.
At TEDS, we believe that the ministry of counseling is a key resource for our students, staff, and their families as they encounter challenges and grow in their walk with Christ. This database exists to provide our community with access to mental health counselors in our area who share our values, our Christian outlook, and who have expressed openness to working with the TEDS family.

DISCLAIMER: The counseling department cannot make a specific recommendation or endorse a partner to provide mental health or spiritual care. The counselors listed on this database are not directly affiliated with Trinity International University. This directory of community practitioners is provided for convenience and informational use only. Users are responsible for evaluating and selecting their own health care providers, as well as responsible for all costs associated with care. Carefully review insurance benefits and confirm the provider accepts your insurance plan before receiving care.

Campus Post Office

Campus Post Office: [email protected]
Trinity’s post office can process everything from small cards to full care packages. If you want to send mail to a student on campus, you need to know his or her mailbox number. Students can receive packages of any size, and our electronic system will email them the moment their package arrives.
The Campus Post Office offers a number of postal services to the campus community. We provide regular mailing services as well as Express (USPS, UPS, FedEx, & DHL) and overnight shipping, mailing supplies such as stamps, envelopes, and boxes for purchase, and we assist in ordering departmental mailing supplies. For questions, contact the Campus Post Office at: [email protected].

How to address campus mail

When it comes to receiving mail be sure to provide a correct address. Never forget to include the student’s name and mailbox number when addressing mail. Your mail should look like this:
  • Student’s Name: [Joe Trinity]
  • Trinity’s Address: 2065 Half Day Road
  • Student’s Box Number: [Box 123]*
  • City and Zip: Deerfield, IL 60015-1241, USA
  • *Include only the student’s mailbox number, never a room or apartment number.

University Records

University Records – Phone: 847.317.8050 | Email: [email protected]
The University Records Office considers it a privilege to serve every student who attends Trinity International University. Whether you’re planning a short visit for a summer class or anticipating graduation with a Trinity degree, we look forward to meeting you.
University Records is part of the Enrollment Management Team and maintains Trinity students’ academic records, coordinates web registration and web adds/drops, generates enrollment certification, provides transcript services, maintains student demographic information including permanent and local addresses, majors, degree programs, class standing, and related academic information.

Transcripts, Enrollment Verification & Degree Verification

To conveniently serve Trinity International University students around the clock, Trinity has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for transcript processing, enrollment verification, and degree verification. Please use the following links depending on which service you require.

The Thrive Center

Thrive Center – Phone: 847.317.8193 | Email: [email protected]
The Thrive Center is committed to helping students cultivate their academic excellence, become life-long learners, and pursue their personal and professional goals. Our goal is to walk alongside students, meeting them where they are and providing services that will help them thrive in all aspects of their learning experience. To this end, we provide services in the areas of academic support, academic guidance, and career development.

Services Offered

The Thrive Center offers services to help students become more efficient, effective, and engaged learners. We offer the following services:
  • Language tutoring
  • Student accessibility resources
  • Testing center
  • Writing assistance services
  • Academic peer advising
  • Career development
  • Tutoring programs
  • Family tutoring

Office of Placement Services

Placement Office [email protected]
The Office of Ministry Placement helps TIU and TEDS students and alumni fill full-time openings at churches and other ministry-focused organizations. The Placement Office exists to facilitate connections between ministries offering vocational ministry opportunities and graduates seeking ministry placement, whether they be recent graduates or alumni. We work with churches and ministries from a variety of denominations (and independent churches) in filling both full-time and bi-vocational positions.

Post a Position

Are you seeking ministry staff for your church or para-church ministry? Are you beginning a pastoral search process seeking to fill an open position for a senior/solo pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor, worship pastor, etc.?
The Placement Office provides a “virtual bulletin board” where ministries can post positions they desire to potentially fill with a TIU graduate. Post a Full-time, Bi-vocational, or part-time positions.

Find a position

We provide information for many denominations and organizations including historically evangelical, mainline, charismatic, and independent churches. While many of our graduates are placed with the Evangelical Free Church of America, the majority are placed in other churches, Christian organizations, mission agencies, and chaplaincies.