We don’t just want you to have a world-class education as a Master of Divinity student—we want to equip you for a lifetime of ministry rooted in God’s Word. That’s why we’ve partnered with Faithlife to equip you with Logos Bible Software.

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Logos Bible Software for MDiv Students

Logos Bible Software

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We’ve partnered with Faithlife to equip you with Logos Bible Software specially designed to serve you in school, ministry, and everyday life. It comes with time-saving research tools that will help you excel on your next paper or exam while freeing you up to spend time with your family and do ministry.
As a part of the Lilly Pathways grant, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is able to provide a custom Logos resource library and the latest Logos software to incoming and continuing BA/MDiv and MDiv students. The custom library, which includes more than 60 works by TEDS faculty, will potentially save you a considerable amount of money on textbooks as well as provide amazing resources for a lifetime of ministry after graduation.
We hope that this tremendous resource will help you thrive here at TEDS and wherever the Lord calls you after you finish your degree!


Scholarly Commentaries

Note-Taking Tools

Resource Linking

Linguistic Analysis


All new BA/MDiv or MDiv students and any BA/MDiv or MDiv students continuing in coursework in Fall 2022 and beyond.
Logos licenses are processed within one to two weeks after registering for classes. You should expect an email from “Academic Customer Service” ([email protected]), which will provide instructions on installing and accessing your Logos software.
If the same email address used for your personal Logos package is associated with your Trinity student account, your current Logos account will automatically be upgraded with the Trinity resources.

If the email from your personal Logos account is different from your email account used for Trinity, you will need to call Logos Customer Support (800.875.6467) and ask them to merge both accounts into one.
Students have their Logos license while enrolled at TEDS. Upon successfully graduating, alumni will permanently own their TEDS Logos license at no additional cost.

Students who withdraw, take an extended leave of absence, or change to a non-MDiv program will forfeit their Logos license.
Some required texts are included, especially language and exegetical tools.

See our list of resources that can be filtered by author, title, etc.. To filter, click on the “arrow” at the top of a column and choose filter preference. See the list of resources >>

For a list of resources organized by department, see this list >>
Faithlife has an incredible Customer Support team who can help you troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing with Logos. You will find support options on Logos’ website. Go to Logos Support Page >>
Logos has a wealth of training videos. The best place to start is here: Go to Logos Student Training Page >>

You may also sign-up for upcoming training sessions over at their website: See Logos’ Webinar Information >>

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