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Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is the premier institution preparing the next generation of ministers and academic scholars. The Trinity faculty is among the most widely published in evangelical academia and has deeply influenced the leaders shaping the present and future of evangelical Christianity across the globe. TEDS is a broadly evangelical school that prides itself on theological diversity and encourages respectful engagement in difficult conversations and topics while remaining committed to the inerrancy of Scripture. Since our founding, we have taught creative and critical thinking while upholding gospel fidelity in an effort to fulfill the age-old adage, “in the essentials unity, in the non-essentials liberty, and in all things charity.”
As we seek to embody the kingdom of God on earth as a faithful community, the Holy Spirit moves us to embrace our denominational and ethnic diversity.
The TEDS student body represents 40 denominations and 38 countries. With more than one-third of students from multicultural or international backgrounds, we have a dedicated department to support our international students and foster cross-cultural understanding through integration into the broader community.
Through our Mosaic Ministries and other student groups, TEDS seeks to embody a Christian unity that encourages cultural intersection, embraces shared insight, and equips Christian leaders for world impact through the biblical mission of reconciliation with God and others. Our goal is that through our studies and actions we create a legacy for building bridges in love in the communities where we live and serve.

“The world desperately needs the gospel, and a training ground that is boldly evangelical—for teachers, for pastors, for theologians, and for counselors. A place where faithfulness to the gospel of the cross is at the very center of our training, practices, and study. My goal is to ensure that this continues to be the mission of TEDS”

Featured Faculty Publications

First Theology

First Theology: God, Scripture & Hermeneutics

Kevin J. Vanhoozer

Commentary on Colossians and Philemon

Commentary on Colossians and Philemon

David W. Pao

Defending Shame

Defending Shame: Its Formative Power in Paul's Letters

Te-Li Lau

Student Testimonials

“Trinity Evangelical Divinity School has provided me with the tools to explore, research, and analyze the depths of the Old Testament in a spiritual context. It has prepared me to enter a career of academics and lifelong pursuit embracing and loving the Old Testament.”
Riane McConnell ’22
MA in Old Testament and Semitic Languages
“In my very first course, my professor emphasized the importance of listening generously. I now think about that every single day. How we can be generous listeners in conversations with one another and in our engagement with theological texts—searching for the question underneath the question so that we can become better communicators. TEDS taught me how to be an excellent rhetorician and communicator of the gospel.”
Aleana Saldaña ’21
MA in Systematic Theology
“I came to TEDS for my MDiv and have stayed for my Ph.D. because of the quality of teachers and students. Whether in the classroom, during office hours, with my cohort, or chatting with people at the library, God is mightily forming not only my intellect but my soul. Challenging me to think bigger, deeper, and broader with the Kingdom of God at the forefront. Here I know I will receive an education focused on Christ.”
Jack Haynes
Jack Hayne
MDiv & PhD
“I find myself constantly referring people to Trinity for the education but most important the faculty I was blessed by. I completed my MA/EM in combination with the MDiv and it added a special edge to my understanding of ministry that I wouldn’t have had without it. It has set a trajectory for future ministry about which I am very excited.”
Brennan Bowman '20
MA in Educational Ministries
“One of the best elements of the TEDS community is the opportunity to learn, worship, laugh, and do life with Christians from all around the world.”
Cooper Bryan '24
“My life will be different because I attended TEDS. I am incredibly grateful for the wisdom of my faculty advisors, who helped me discern God’s ministry path for me.”
Caroline Fuab Thao ’23
“I am grateful for the ThM program at TEDS. I am a better historian, researcher, and pastor because of the faculty’s commitment to academics and spiritual development. The program has helped me fine-tune my skills to serve my community and church body best.”
Jonathan Gallardo ’22

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Trinity would not be able to serve our students without the support of alumni, parents, friends, and churches. Your gifts advance our mission to cultivate academic excellence, Christian faithfulness, and lifelong learning in our students lives.