DMin Thriving Immigrant Churches Track

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Immigrant churches in North America and around the world are an integral part of the global faith community with their own unique challenges, including intergenerational and intercultural issues. If these challenges are not dealt with in a deliberate and creative way, the potential of these churches may be hampered, wasting valuable kingdom resources that may be used for the sake of the gospel.

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) now offers the Thriving Immigrant Churches Track in partnership with the Hiebert Center/TICI (Thriving Immigrant Congregations Initiative) for immigrant church pastors and leaders in North America to engage with their unique challenges and opportunities. Beginning fall 2022, this track will offer these leaders a focused learning track that is theologically sound, contextually relevant, and missional in nature.

DMin – Thriving Immigrant Churches Track

Thriving Immigrant Churches Track Required Courses
12 Hours

  • Developing a Healthy Congregational Culture
  • Becoming a Missional Immigrant Church in North America
  • Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Immigrant Church
  • Wrap-Around Course (Built around two TICI gatherings in April and in October and guided by a TEDS faculty member; students will attend only one TICI gathering either in April or October).

Required for all DMin students
12 hours

  • Missional Leadership in Today’s Church
  • Research Methods
  • Major Project Research

6 hours

  • Theological, Biblical, and Pastoral Studies
  • Organizational and Multicultural Studies

Total DMin Credit Hours: 30 hours

Nature of Semi-Cohort(s)

  1. Students will take all the TICT required courses (four courses) together as cohort.
  2. All TICT students will have the following post-course learning tasks: Upon finishing each TICT required course, all students in their cohort(s) will have a 90-minute Zoom meeting to share (1) what they have learned theologically and/or theoretically; and (2) how it can be applied to address their own pressing challenges in each of their congregations. These course reflection meetings will provide multiple opportunities to learn from one another. After finishing each course reflection meeting, students will be required to write a four-page reflection paper summarizing: (1) What they learned theologically and/or theoretically; (2) What they have learned from one another; and (3) How what they learned can be applied to address their own challenges in their congregations. These course reflection meetings and the reflection papers will meet partial requirements for the Research Methods course

The above post-course learning tasks may be replaced by similar learning tasks if instructors assign such learning tasks as part of the course requirements.

What will this track offer?

The Thriving Immigrant Churches Track will offer immigrant pastors and leaders multiple learning opportunities to address their unique challenges by helping them to form innovative ministry strategies and a strong witnessing community that will bless their neighbors and beyond. It will provide space for immigrant church pastors and leaders to be refreshed, recharged, and reengaged for the sake of Christ and his kingdom.

Though many other seminaries offer Chinese studies, Korean studies, and Spanish studies, this new track is unique and contextual, focusing on the critical issues that immigrant churches face: the conflicts and tensions between First Generation (FG) and Second Generation (SG), forming a strong community of reconciliation, and reaching out to their neighbors beyond their ethnic boundaries.

For more information, please contact the TEDS DMin Program Director, Jonathan Kim.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 847-317-8032


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