Fall 2022

At TEDS, we are transformed by God’s word each and every day. This fall join us at 11:00 AM on Tuesdays for our chapel series: We Will Be Transformed: 1 Thessalonians and on select Thursdays for faculty-led table side discussions which will unpack Subversive Orthodoxy: Questions that Matter.

Our hope is that this series will stir up an eagerness for approaching God’s word and that the Bible will continue to be the ultimate authority in your life. We pray that as you participate in listening, discussion, reflection, and prayer that your biblical understanding of these topics and scripture will deepen your faith, confidence, and theological grounding.

Chapels will be live-streamed via the TEDS Chapel Livestream found HERE and may also be attended in person in the ATO Chapel. All Thursday discussions will be held in-person in the Lantern Lounge. Chapel services can be found HERE on-demand or you can watch the latest chapel or lecture from this series below.


Chapel Series – We Will Be Transformed: 1 Thessalonians

Tuesdays | 11:00am – Noon

  • Tues. Aug 30 Dean’s Chapel
    A Lamp to My Feet | Psalms 119:105-112
    Dr. David Pao
    Dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Tues. Sept 6
    The Transformation of Life in the Midst of Time
    Dr. Steven Bryan
    Professor of New Testament
  • Tues, Sept 13
    Transformation as Imitation: Turning from Idols to Wait for the Son from Heaven
    Dr. Joshua Jipp
    Associate Professor of New Testament
  • Tues, Sept 20
    Nurturing Transformation: The Work of a Pastor
    Dr. Scott Manetsch
    Chair of the Church History Department
  • Tues, Sept 27
    Transformation and Opposition
    Dr. Isuwa Atsen
    Pastor of Church Of Christ In Nation
  • Tues, Oct 4
    Annual ROM Lectures
  • Tues, Oct 11
    Transformation and the Peril of Apostasy
    Dr. David Bryan
    Director of TEDS Undergraduate Teaching
  • Tues, Oct 18
    Transformation and Prayer
    Dr. Luke Tillett
    Assistant Professor of Counseling
  • Tues, Oct 25
    Day of Prayer
  • Tues, Nov 1
    Transformation and Sex
    Dr. Eric Rivera
    Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology
  • Tues, Nov 8
    Transformation and an Ordinary Life of Love and Work
    Dr. Wayne Johnson
    Provost Emeritus
  • Tues, Nov 15
    The Transformation of the Body at the End of Time
    Senior Pastor, Mike Bullmore
    CrossWay Community Church
  • Tues, Nov 22
    Transformation and the Blessed Hope: The Awakening of Moral Imagination
    Dr. Te-Li Lau
    Associate Professor of New Testament
  • Tues, Nov 29
    Transforming Community
    Dr. Dana Harris
    Professor of New Testament
  • Tues, Dec 6
    Lessons & Carols

Faculty Led Discussions- Subversive Orthodoxy: Questions that Matter

Select Thursdays | 11:00am – 12:15pm | Lantern Lounge (Waybright)

All TEDS/Bible-Ministry students are invited for free lunch.

  • Thurs, Sept 8
    Is the Reformation relevant for the Global Church?
    Dr. Scott Manetsch (with Dr. Eric Rivera)
  • Thurs, Sept 22
    Roe v. Wade, now what?
    Dr. Matthew Eppinette (with Dr. David Bryan)
  • Thurs, Oct. 6
    How do Children Worship?
    Dr. Mimi Larson (with Dr. Ahyuwani Akanet)
  • Thurs, Oct. 27
    How should Evangelicals participate in the political processes?
    Dr. Fellipe do Vale (with Dr. Greg Forster)
  • Thurs, Dec 1
    What does power dynamics have to do with ministry?
    Dr. Donald Guthrie (with Dr. Jonathan Kim)

Chapel Series – 2021

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