Ministry Placement

Are you seeking ministry staff for your church or para-church ministry? Are you beginning a pastoral search process seeking to fill an open position for a senior/solo pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor, worship pastor, etc.?

The Placement Office exists to facilitate connections between ministries offering vocational ministry opportunities and TIU graduates (both Trinity College and TEDS) seeking ministry placement whether they be recent graduates or alumni. We work with churches and ministries from a variety of denominations (and independent churches) in filling both full-time and bi-vocational positions.


Full-Time or Bi-vocational Positions

The Placement Office provides a “virtual bulletin board” where ministries can post positions they desire to potentially fill with a TIU graduate.  The ministry initiates the process by filling out the Ministry Information Form (see link below) and submitting supporting documents (job description, church profile, etc.).  The Director of Placement may contact the ministry to get more detailed information about the ministry to aid in the matching process.

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Graduates of TIU seeking ministry placement may also contact the Placement Office and fill out a Personal Information Form (see link below).  They will interact with the Director of Placement to refine their resume and focus their search process.  Their resume will be posted on the virtual bulletin board where it can be viewed by ministries with a posted position on the virtual bulletin board.  The graduate is then given access to the ministry position postings.  Either the ministry or the graduate can initiate contacting each other.  At times the Director of Placement will point out certain candidates for churches to consider and churches to candidates for them to consider if there are reasons to think they might be a good fit.

You can contact the Placement Office by calling 847.317.8030 or email [email protected]

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Part-Time Positions

Positions are considered “part-time” if they are paid positions for which there are no academic requirements met or mentoring taking place. Since these positions vary widely in scope, hours and compensation, we post all of them on our internal website accessible to all TIU students, both college and seminary. These positions are usually within a reasonable commuting distance of one of our TIU campuses (Deerfield, South Chicago, Miami) and are appropriate for current students. To post a part-position, please click the link below and complete our Part-time Opportunity Form.

Post a Part-time Position