Certificate in

Pro-Life Advocacy and Engagement

The graduate certificate in Pro-Life Advocacy and Engagement is designed with various groups of students in mind, including those who are presently—or aspire to be—engaged in the various opportunities involved in pro-life advocacy and non-profit organizations, as well as in relevant careers in pregnancy care support. The certificate is well-suited for those with professional or other responsibilities who need a flexible 12-semester hour certificate.
Additionally, this certificate is stackable as part of the MA Bioethics allowing all 12 credit hours to be included as part of the full master’s degree. By enrolling in online courses, remote learning, in-person modular courses, and mentored and independent study work the certificate can be completed online, remotely, and/or in-person without relocating near the Bannockburn, Illinois campus. Alternatively, nearly all courses can be completed as part of an on-campus option.
Should you choose to further your education in the MA in Bioethics program, the courses you take for this certificate will be counted toward your degree.


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Program Objectives

Students graduating from the Graduate Certificate in Pro-Life Advocacy and Engagement will be able to:
  • Understand current & emerging bioethical and legal issues in pro-life advocacy and engagement
  • Discern the differences among competing contemporary approaches to ethics and bioethics
  • Employ biblical and theological foundations for addressing issues in bioethics
  • Engage bioethical challenges specific to pro-life advocacy and engagement in relevant professional contexts
Lili Grant
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Commencement


Prolife Advocacy and Engagement Certificate Program of Study
  • Introduction to Bioethics: Matters of Life and Dignity OR Intensive Bioethics Institute
  • Foundations for Cultural Engagement in Bioethics
  • The Public Policy Context
  • Bioethics and Public Policy
  • The Right to Life & the Law

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