Mosaic Ministries

As people entrusted with the Gospel, Trinity's Mosaic Ministries aims to advance the ministry of reconciliation and renewal by equipping students, developing resources, and creating new networks.

Mosaic Initiatives

Mosaic Cohort Scholarship

In order to help equip servant leaders who are committed to the Gospel ministry of reconciliation, Trinity offers a 50% tuition scholarship to 15 first-year students from various ethnic backgrounds. Scholarship recipients experience spiritual formation and leadership development through the Mosaic cohort experience and the Mosaic Gathering. We provide opportunities for like-minded mentor-to-peer and peer-to-peer relationships. We hope to remove financial barriers for students who desire sound biblical and theological teaching to grow in their ability to see needs and challenges in the world.

Mosaic Gathering

Explore Christian identity and mission under the biblical vision of reconciliation with prayer, biblical reflections, and social analysis. Weekly gatherings take place on our Deerfield campus, and participants include students, faculty, staff, and local pastors.

The Mosaic Church Network

The Mosaic Church Network is a loosely affiliated network of churches committed to healthy, mutually beneficial partnerships across divides of race and socio-economics in northern Lake County. The network is God’s reconciled family, diverse in background, but united in purpose to further God’s Kingdom. Within this network, students can find church homes, mentors, and service opportunities, including possible field education and internship credit. Student pastors also serve on Trinity’s campus through speaking opportunities at the Mosaic Gathering, in chapel, and in the classroom. Faculty members have the opportunity to speak at local churches and in seminars. More about The Mosaic Church Network >>

Mosaic Partnerships for Community Development

Mosaic Partnerships for Community Development collaborate with non-profit ministries, parachurch organizations, and schools for God’s Kingdom. Areas of service may include: Tutoring, mentoring, counseling, advocacy, housing, job readiness, coaching, literacy, jail ministry, gang outreach, business development, & more.
“The partnerships that develop in North Chicago, at Trinity, local churches and Jesus-centered ministries is the foundational key to seeing the ‘Kingdom come’ to communities that often find themselves on the fringes of society” —Local Pastor
Mosaic Partnerships for Community Development offer avenues to participate in God’s reconciling work in local neighborhoods. This complements students’ classroom education as they volunteer in schools, mentor youth, or participate in Bible studies. Students from northern Lake County attend classes on Trinity’s campus, modeling our community for others. Volunteer work is done with the goal of encouraging community development across all divisions as God’s reconciled community. More about Community Development >>

Mosaic House Ministries

Mosaic House Ministries is a place where people gather to experience God through biblical teaching, fellowship, eating together, and prayer (Acts 2:42), and then go from that place to participate in God’s work in our community. These movements of gathering and going are facilitated by a group of Christians who live together as a beloved community in the Mosaic House. Founded by Trinity students, and now its own organization, Mosaic House Ministries continues to collaborate with Trinity in many ways. More about Mosaic House Ministries >>
“It has been a life changing experience that I never want to let go. The brothers in the house have been an encouragement and example. It is an experience of love and grace that I cherish, and a few sentences cannot sum up all of the love and admiration I have for my brothers. I have seen true compassion and help given to people that most people would ignore. This house of brothers will always hold an intimate place in my heart.” —Former Mosaic House Member
For more information on how to get involved in Mosaic Ministries, please email [email protected]. View photos and learn more about Mosaic on our Facebook Page.