Master's Degree in

Chaplaincy and Ministry Care

Be on the front lines of spiritual care with our Master of Arts in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care (MA in CMC). This degree program from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) equips you to care well for others as you deepen your knowledge of theological concepts and develop counseling and ministry skills. Many of our graduates now serve in healthcare chaplaincy roles, and there is a a growing need for more chaplains to join their ranks.
Our MA in CMC program pairs well with other advanced degrees so you can gain the skills you need for your calling. Whether you are looking to serve in a local church or become a chaplain, be ready to comfort people with hope and grace during times of pain and crisis with an MA in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care degree from TEDS.
“If you believe that God may be calling you to ministry, I urge you to consider chaplaincy. I cannot say that chaplaincy is easy or simple. It’s not. I can, however, promise you that serving on the frontlines of God’s kingdom is a challenging, fulfilling and incredibly important ministry. I never expected God to lead me here, but I now realize that becoming a chaplain is an integral part of my journey to become the man God made me to be.”
Paul R.S. Hanna

About TEDS

Trinity has been entrusted with the Gospel since 1897, and every day we are called to live with purpose. Our purpose as a divinity school is to know the Gospel, live the Gospel and make the Gospel known. In today’s ever-changing culture, Trinity immerses students in a community of biblical orthodoxy and practical living. The Trinity faculty is among the most widely published in evangelical academia and has deeply influenced the leaders shaping the present and future of evangelical Christianity across the globe.

Academic Excellence

Trinity is a place where you will learn how to serve the church and how to academically engage the world around you. Throughout the year we host some of the brightest minds in modern academics allowing you to learn from experts in their field.

Why Earn a Master of Arts in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care at TEDS?

Concurrent Degree Options

For many chaplain roles, you may need theological or pastoral training beyond an MA in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care, along with ordination from your denomination. By studying at TEDS, you can pursue two theological degrees simultaneously, with some courses counting toward both degrees. The MA in CMC complements degree programs such as:
  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies
  • Master of Divinity
If you are seeking a military chaplaincy program, Trinity has a unique relationship with local military bases, including Naval Station Great Lakes Headquarters. Our faculty will work closely with you to coordinate the chaplaincy program with the Master of Divinity required by the military.

Learn in Community

Within the MA in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care program, you’ll have opportunities for regular faculty and student interaction. We take a community learning approach in the classroom. In addition, you’ll join a Formation Group for two semesters, during which you will meet with a professor and a small group of students in a more informal setting. You’ll grow together through Bible studies and prayer as you encourage one another and build lifelong friendships.

Concurrent Degree Options

You may complete a second TEDS degree program along with your MA in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care, such as a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, or Master of Divinity (MDiv). In such cases, you may overlap program requirements up to 50 percent of the shorter degree. Consult the Degree Combinations section of the Academic Information page and the Counseling Department program planning guides for details.

Careers and Outcomes for Master of Arts and Chaplaincy and Ministry Care Students

With an MA in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care, you’ll be ready to provide spiritual care for people within and outside a Christian ministry setting. Many of our graduates serve in local churches or public settings as pastors or chaplains. Previous graduates have worked as chaplains in:
  • Hospitals
  • Retirement homes
  • Prisons
  • Hospice facilities
  • Fire and police services
  • Sports organizations
  • Corporate settings
If you are seeing a military chaplaincy program, we encourage you to coordinate the chaplaincy program with the Master of Divinity or similar program at TEDS so you can meet military requirements.
“I have enjoyed almost four units now of Clinical Pastoral Education in the hospital setting...God meets people in powerful ways in the midst of their suffering, and I see Him moving as I listen to, share, and pray for a variety of people each day. I am thankful to TEDS and to the Intro to Chaplaincy class that prepared me to step into this competently and faithfully.”
Karis Lancaster
Karis Lancaster
MA CMC Graduate
“The counseling and chaplaincy training helped me to practice the ministry of presence to those God placed on my path. I now serve as a corporate chaplain in Birmingham, AL and surrounding cities for businesses partnering with chaplains to provide care for their employees”
molly doro
Molly Doro
MA CMC Graduate

Financial Aid

Did you know that nearly 95% of our students receive some form of financial aid? At Trinity we offer scholarships, grants, rebates, and other aid options to help pay for the cost of schooling. Learn more about what is available below or by contacting the Financial Aid Office at [email protected].

Experienced and Caring Faculty

All the MA in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care professors have a deep understanding of spiritual care, counseling, chaplaincy, and related fields. They lead by example, modeling the importance of compassionate ministry through their teaching, research, and service.
In their classrooms, they teach a scripture-centered and evidenced-based curriculum to best prepare you for your future work. They also serve as mentors, empowering students to serve those around them and preparing them for career advancement. Learn from the best and flourish in a faithful community at TEDS.
“Chaplaincy is a specialized ministry of increasing relevance in our religiously plural world. It involves taking words of hope and grace outside the boundaries of the church to those in crisis. There’s nothing like providing spiritual guidance and pastoral care to those who might otherwise never darken the door of our churches. Ministry in secular, pluralistic institutions presents a myriad of unique challenges, yet bringing pastoral care, compassion, and Christian presence to people in need makes it especially satisfying. The TEDS MA in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care looks to provide the equipping necessary to take up this powerful calling.”

Prerequisites for the MA in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care

In addition to the requirements for general admission, you’ll need the following:
  • An undergraduate major that prepares you for the program.
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Scores from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) may be required if your GPA is less than 3.0 or if the Admissions Office requests them.
Lili Grant
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Commencement


Increase your knowledge of counseling and ministry care so you can serve people both within and beyond the local church. The program culminates in a capstone project or Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training.
  • Counseling and Theological Worldview: Faith and Practice
  • Biblical Preaching
  • Christian Worship
  • Pastoral Practices
  • Group Counseling
  • Multicultural Issues in Counseling

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Be equipped to show compassion and care to all people with a Master of Arts in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care degree from TEDS. Get the training and mentorship you need to pursue your calling.