Certificate in

Leadership in Missions

The Leadership in Missions certificate program offers a comprehensive study of the theology and historical context of evangelism and missions worldwide, providing you with a solid understanding of anthropology, discipleship practices, and effective evangelism methods. This program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their ministry capabilities, both in the United States and internationally. Through an exploration of theological foundations and historical precedents, you can develop a strong foundation that empowers them to engage in meaningful cross-cultural interactions and effectively share the message of their faith, making a positive impact in diverse communities globally.
Location: Courses may be completed in-person on the Bannockburn campus, and through synchronous and asynchronous TEDS courses. Not all courses are available in all modes or every semester.


Trinity has been entrusted with the Gospel since 1897, and every day we are called to live with purpose. Our purpose as a divinity school is to know the Gospel, live the Gospel and make the Gospel known. In today’s ever-changing culture, Trinity immerses students in a community of biblical orthodoxy and practical living. The Trinity faculty is among the most widely published in evangelical academia and has deeply influenced the leaders shaping the present and future of evangelical Christianity across the globe.

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Additionally to the general admission requirements, Applicants to the Certificate of Leadership in Mission generally possess the following:
  • Life experience in mission in the local church, parachurch ministry, other Christian organization
  • Demonstrated academic ability through evaluation of bachelor’s and/or master’s transcripts. For those without the bachelor’s degree, an interview by ME Department faculty (personal interview encompassing demonstrable skills, character, knowledge, and critical thinking).
Lili Grant
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Commencement


  • ME 6760 Theology of Mission & Evangelism
  • Select additional semester hours of courses prefixed ME available at the master’s level. Suggested curricular courses include but are not limited to:
    • ME 5000 Foundations of Christian Mission
    • ME 5001 Foundations of Evangelism
    • ME 6410 History of the Expansion of Christianity
    • ME 6610 Anthropology for Ministry

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