CRU Partnership

You can receive TEDS graduate credit for the School of Leadership Courses, including: New Staff Training courses, School of Leadership core courses, the Leadership Development Project, and some ministry skills training. This course work may be applied toward the free electives in all programs, or core courses in the MA/TS program. All you need to do is submit the one-page special Visiting Student Application form before you can earn TEDS credit for these courses. You can combine your staff training with ongoing Distance Education classes online. If you are close to any of our extension site locations, ongoing extensions classes can move you even closer to completing a theological degree at TEDS without having to leave your ministry. Here is a suggested path to degree completion:

CRU Courses


Intro to Christian Theology
God/Bible/Holy Spirit
Theological Studies
9–12 credit hours required
Christian World View
Church History Survey
Global and Historical Studies
5–8 credit hours required
Biblical Communication Leadership Track Electives
12-15 credit hours required
Old Testament Survey
Bible Study Methods
New Testament Survey
Biblical Interpretation
Biblical Studies
8-12 credit hours required
TOTALS 42 credit hours 12


For CRU full-time staff courses taken on TEDS Deerfield campus merit a 50% reduction in the per hour tuition pricing. This applies to full-or part-time students. CRU staff taking classes at one of TEDS Extensions sites will find tuition rates already significantly lower than the Deerfield campus.

Getting Started

Taking staff training courses for TEDS credit is simple, but it requires some important steps:

  1. Ask for a TEDS course registration form when signing up for Staff Training
  2. Complete all Institute of Biblical Studies courses
  3. TEDS updates your transcript
  4. Apply to a TEDS degree program
  5. Take additional classes through TEDS flexible study options
  6. Graduate!

Degree Options

TEDS offers some excellent degrees to propel you into ministry.

Master of Arts in Theological Studies
Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
Master of Divinity


Call us at 800.588.7705 to learn more about the TEDS and CRU Partnership. Our TEDS Office of Extension and Affiliated Education will answer any questions you have regarding this partnership or provide you with information about our Extension Sites, Distance Education, conference wrap-arounds and occasional courses.

For information on specific degree programs and upcoming courses on TEDS Deerfield campus contact the TEDS/TGS Admissions Office at 800.345.TEDS or email us at [email protected].