Fellipe do Vale

Department Chair & Assistant Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology

Dr. do Vale’s research is primarily on the connection between moral theology and theological anthropology. He focuses on gender, but also writes and teaches on political theology, theology of race, and other aspects of human identity, especially from an eschatological point of view. He is passionate about helping students see how the gospel of grace can richly saturate every aspect of human life. He is the author of Gender as Love: A Theological Account of Human Identity, Embodied Desire, and Our Social Worlds, along with articles in the International Journal of Systematic Theology, Pro Ecclesia, and others. He is also the winner of the 2023 “Emerging Public Intellectual” award, given by Redeemer University. Dr. do Vale enthusiastically supports Liverpool Football Club and the Brazilian National soccer team; he is fond of horror movies and fiction, wistful landscape paintings, and Richard Curtis rom-coms. He is married and has two kids. His family enjoys reading, going for walks, and generally getting outside.


Affiliations & Achievements


Gender as Love: A Theological Account of Human Identity, Embodied Desire, and Our Social Worlds (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2023).

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– Winner of the annual “Colin Gunton Memorial Essay Prize” for 2018.

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