Foreword A TEDS Faculty Podcast

Foreword is a fortnightly podcast that invites listeners into the mission of TEDS through conversations with faculty, staff, and guests.  The vision for Foreword is to showcase the expertise and passion that characterizes TEDS. Foreword was launched in January 2020 and is hosted by Drs. Michelle Knight, Josh Jipp, Madison Pierce, and James Arcadi. Our format is primarily interviews with guests, but some episodes feature conversations among the hosts.

Meet the Hosts

Latest Episode

In this episode, Dr. Michelle Knight and Dr. James Arcadi interview Dr. Gene L. Green, Dean of Trinity International University-Florida []

Listener Favorites


Play IconAssociate Professor of New Testament Te-Li Lau, PhDDr. Te-Li Lau

May 5, 2020


Play IconResearch Professor of Systematic Theology Kevin J. Vanhoozer, PhDDr. Kevin J. Vanhoozer

April 7, 2020


Play IconThe Tite Tiénou Chair of Global Theology and World Christianity Research and Professor, Theology of Mission; Dean Emeritus Tite Tiénou, PhDDr. Tite Tiénou

March 10, 2020


Play IconProfessor of Church History Scott M. Manetsch, PhDDr. Scott M. Manetsch

February 25, 2020