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Accelerated BA/MA in Intercultural Studies

BE PREPARED TO MAKE A GLOBAL IMPACT. The MA in Intercultural Studies prepares students to embark on the unique tasks of Christian mission.


BE FULLY EQUIPPED FOR MINISTRY. Earn both your BA and MDiv in only 5 years! This groundbreaking early-entry MDiv program is designed for students sensing an early call to pastoral ministry. The Advance 5-Year BA/MDiv lays a foundation for effective ministry with a biblical understanding of local church ministry.

BA in Bible and Ministry

LEARNING AND LIVING THE WORD OF GOD. Bible and Ministry majors have these things in common: a passion for the Lord, a love of Scripture, and a desire to see lives transformed for Christ. They feel called to share God's truth with a hurting world and want to be equipped with the right educational tools to get there.

BA in Biology

BE ENGAGED IN GOD'S WORLD. Biology majors don’t just study life, they also get to live it! Your professors will prepare you professionally and invest in you personally throughout your time at Trinity. Learn what it means to think in a critical and God-honoring way, pursue excellence in academia, and engage with contemporary issues in the field of biology.

BA in Business

BE A DYNAMIC LEADER. The business world is changing daily. Whether you are interested in marketing, starting your own business, or becoming a skilled business professional, Trinity will prepare you to progress in the workforce.

BA in Chemistry

SEE WHAT SCIENCE CAN DO. As a Chemistry major, you get to see, touch, and investigate the world of science. At Trinity, we will train you with the ability to think in a critical and God-honoring way. Choose whether to emphasize in professional chemistry, Pre-Med, or forensic chemistry, and see where this degree can take you!

BA in Communication

BE AN INSPIRING AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR. Clear communicators are always in demand. Whether you want to write for the media, present to business clients, or teach the Bible, proficient communication skills are essential to your future career.

BA in Computer Science

WRITE YOUR IDEAS IN CODE. The world is increasingly driven by technology. A Computer Science degree gives you the tools to program and understand computers for success in the field. A balance of mathematics and computer courses at Trinity will allow you to become an expert, equipped with the logical, analytical, and ethical perspectives vital to your career in technology.

BA in Criminal Justice

PROVIDE JUSTICE FOR ALL. The mission of the Criminal Justice program is to provide students with a strong foundation in criminology, criminal law, legal systems, corrections, and policy. Graduates are equipped to enter advanced programs in legal studies and other postgraduate programs, law enforcement, cyber-crime, or become a paralegal.

BA in Criminal Justice & Master of Legal Studies

Earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in-person or online in as little as 4 ½ years from Trinity College and Trinity Law School. It’s a perfect option for starting or advancing your career in law enforcement, government, or business.

BA in Elementary Education

HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE. Elementary teachers have the unique joy and responsibility of caring for young minds in their most formative years. We will develop you personally, professionally, and practically to equip you to transition from sitting in a classroom to leading a classroom.

BA in English

THE ART OF READING AND WRITING. Well-versed and competent writers and authors are essential to every industry. At Trinity, you will learn about the history of language and literature, contemporary critical theories, and how to master the discipline of the pen.

BA in Exercise Science

BE A HEALER. By taking courses that prepare you with in-depth knowledge of physiology and anatomy, Exercise Science majors have the unique opportunity to learn how to integrate an understanding of physical well-being and movement. Equipped with this knowledge, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

BA in General Studies

BE WELL-ROUNDED. As a General Studies major, you will receive preparation in various academic subjects. Earn the true liberal arts experience by selecting topics and courses that interest you. You can take charge of your own education.

BA in History

History majors at Trinity share a dedication to contextual research, a passion for creative interpretation, and a desire to integrate faith with learning. History students will be prepared with a depth of knowledge to share historical events in an engaging and effective manner.

BA in Humanities

BE WELL-ROUNDED. Understanding those around us is fundamental to any career. As a Humanities major, you will learn about human behavior, study communication methods, and gain critical thinking skills that will help you excel in a variety of fields.

BA in Mathematics

BE A PROBLEM-SOLVER. As a Mathematics major at Trinity you’ll get personalized attention as you learn quantitative problem-solving skills, logical thought processes, and how to apply these concepts to your field of interest. It’s a universal subject that pairs well with other fields like chemistry, business, and philosophy.

BA in Philosophy

BE INSIGHTFUL. Philosophers spend a lifetime thoughtfully pursuing truth. We will train you to think critically, clearly articulate your viewpoint, and step into other perspectives as you consider the pressing issues. Leave Trinity prepared to apply philosophical truths in ministry, the academy, or the workplace.

BA in Psychology

HEALING THE WHOLE PERSON. Relationships are an essential part of life, but they don’t come without challenges. As a Psychology major, not only will you learn conceptual theories and research methods, but you will also learn how to relate to others and communicate in an effective manner.

BA in Psychology/MA in Mental Health Counseling

Be prepared to impact the lives of people who need emotional and psychological help. We partner with the Divinity School, on our Deerfield campus to offer a dual BA in Psychology (Counseling Psychology Emphasis) with an MA in Mental Health Counseling.

BA in Secondary Education

BE A BEACON OF HOPE AND CHRISTIAN LOVE IN THE CLASSROOM. Middle school and high school teachers have a God-given opportunity to inspire a lifelong love of learning. Trinity's uniqueness lies in our ability to show you how to teach with excellence while also mentoring students in hope for a bright future. Our alumni have learned how to teach from a Christ-centered foundation and build bridges of love, truth, and acceptance in classrooms around the country.

BA/MA in Bioethics

Be ready to make a difference. If you want to have the credentials and the credibility to influence the crucial ethical decisions facing our contemporary culture, here is your chance.

BA/MA in Leadership

BE A KINGDOM LEADER. The Master of Arts in Leadership develops and equips emerging and current leaders who can ethically respond to the demands of a globalized, knowledge-based society. The degree prepares graduates to creatively and knowledgeably lead others in a Christ-honoring way.

College Credit for High School Students

GET AN EARLY START! Did you know you can earn college credits while still in high school? It's called dual enrollment and it's also a way to earn dual credit for high school and college at the same time. More importantly, you can experience college life while taking rigorous academic courses at the same time!


BE AN AGENT OF COMPASSION. Nurses are in high demand in a variety of medical settings. As a nursing student, you will develop a base of knowledge in biology, chemistry, and anatomy that will prepare you to go on to nursing school. We will help you develop a holistic view of health and faith as they work together in the healing process.

Social Science

BE PREPARED TO ENGAGE THE WORLD. Understanding those around us is fundamental to any career. As a Social Science major, you will learn about social structures, human behavior, and develop critical thinking skills that will help you in the profession you choose.

Sports and Wellness Management

HIT THE GROUND RUNNING! Jump into leadership as a sports program manager or move others to action with personal fitness and performance training. Whatever direction God is leading you in the sport and wellness industry, your professors will fully equip you to reach your goal while sharing the love of Christ with others.