Trinity Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

To ensure the health and safety of our community, Trinity continues to closely monitor the outbreak of coronavirus/COVID-19. We will provide timely and useful information as it becomes available.

Deerfield Campus Fall Class Plans, June 30, 2020

Faculty, staff, and administration are planning for face-to-face classes on the Deerfield campus in the fall semester, as outlined below by school. The university will follow social distancing and other guidelines from the CDC and local health authorities. Members of the campus community will be required to wear masks and classroom capacity will be significantly reduced.

Because of the increased risk for exposure brought about by travel, the Deerfield campus will modify the fall calendar as follows:

  1. We will not take the planned fall break, October 15-16. Classes will continue straight through Tuesday, November 24, taking only the September 7 Labor Day holiday.
  2. On or before Monday, October 19, Trinity will inform the community about the return to campus after Thanksgiving break. Please do not make Thanksgiving or end of semester travel plans until October 19 or later.
  3. Thanksgiving break will be Wednesday, November 25 through Monday, November 30, as currently scheduled.
  4. If conditions permit, we will return to classes in Deerfield on Tuesday, December 1, to complete the semester. However, if conditions are such that we conclude the back and forth travel of the break risks health and safety, we will conclude the semester remotely, with classes resuming, remotely, on Tuesday, December 1. Classes, whether in person or remote, will continue through Wednesday, December 9, 2020.
  5. Thursday and Friday, December 10 – 11, will be reading/study days, in preparation for final exams. (These days substitute for the fall break in faculty schedules.)
  6. Final exams will be Monday through Thursday, December 14 – 17. If the campus is open, students will be expected to remain on campus to sit their final exams; travel is not an acceptable excuse for a final exam change.

Even as we plan, Lord willing, for face-to-face classes, we are also anticipating possible contingencies given the uncertainties related to the virus, and are prepared to shift to remote or fully online instruction (for courses developed as online courses) should there be an outbreak of COVID-19 on our campus or if there is a directive from a governmental or health authority. Trinity is committed to doing everything we can to keep students moving forward towards their academic goals while remaining as safe and healthy as possible.

Trinity College

The College plans to offer in person, face-to-face, classes in the fall semester, following social distancing and other guidelines from the CDC and local health authorities. We may implement one-way traffic patterns in McLennan to alleviate crowding on the stairs and hallways during the passing periods between classes.

There will be a remote learning option for many Trinity College classes so that students who are ill, in self-isolation because of possible exposure to the coronavirus, or who are simply not ready to return to face-to-face classes will be able to continue their education. Due to the hands-on nature, certain classes such as science labs, music ensembles, and clinical experiences in education, will not be available for remote learning.

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

At present, TEDS plans to offer face-to-face and synchronous classes in the fall semester, following social distancing and other guidelines from the CDC and local health authorities. Synchronous-only classes will also be offered as needed. Faculty may opt to teach synchronously rather than in person. One-way traffic patterns to alleviate crowding on the stairs and hallways during the passing periods between classes may be implemented. Faculty and students who are ill, in self-isolation because of possible exposure to the coronavirus, or who are simply not ready to return to face-to-face classes will be able to continue their teaching/learning synchronously.

Trinity Graduate School

The programs of Trinity Graduate School are already delivered using various modalities, and this flexibility serves students well in the present circumstances. Fully online programs or those with extensive online options, such as the Master of Education and the Master of Arts in Bioethics, will continue to offer online classes. The Master of Leadership program employs video conferencing technology to connect students at the Deerfield campus and additional locations. In person classes at the locations will continue with social distancing and according to local government and health regulations. Due to the hands-on nature of athletic training, classes will meet in person with social distancing and other measures. Please consult the information about TIU-Florida for information regarding the Florida-based Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling.

An Update from the COVID-19 Task Force, June 2020

During the last week of May the COVID-19 task force met to begin preparations for the return of students, faculty, and staff to our Deerfield campus. During this time, the task force identified the core processes that will be required to ensure that our core function mitigates the risk of infection. To address this in a comprehensive way, the task force will carefully examine the teaching and learning environment, residential and campus life, athletics, facilities, and policy, as well as the budget for the responses. Communication to all stakeholders is an important part of the process and, over the next few weeks, the task force will provide information and guidance to the Trinity community regarding preparations for the fall semester.

These include:

  • Protection and Prevention: This includes enhanced cleaning protocols, use of face masks and personal hygiene, proactive health monitoring, protecting the vulnerable, and ongoing communication.
  • Social Distancing: This includes distancing students in the classrooms, residence halls, dining halls, and common spaces. Trinity will also provide alternate modes of education for remote learners.
  • Response to active cases: The team will identify protocols for response to active cases such as safe housing, contact tracing, and continuity of education for those who must isolate due to potential exposure.
  • Response to an outbreak and/or government mandate: The team will plan for the possibility of temporarily closing the campus in response to an outbreak or government mandate.
  • Policy and Guidelines: Trinity will establish an appropriate policy to address criteria for working remotely (vs. on campus), health and hygiene practices, health reporting, social distancing, travel restrictions, and restrictions for meetings and events.

Task Force Members:
Dr. H. Wayne Johnson (Chair), Provost
Dr. Graham Cole, Dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Dr. Karen Wrobbel, Dean of Trinity College and Trinity Graduate School
Amanda Onapito, Dean of Students
Heather Logue, Associate Dean of Students and Athletic Director
Julie Wong, Associate Vice President for Facility and Event Services
Steve Geggie, Chief Information Officer


A Message from President Nicholas Perrin, May 6, 2020

Dear Trinity Community,

Congratulations to all of you for your perseverance and flexibility, as we complete a most unusual exam week and academic year!  I pray that you felt the Lord’s blessing and found joy in the midst of the trials over the last few months. I give thanks for your remarkable dedication and the Lord’s sustaining grace through this difficult time.

COVID-19 has demanded that all colleges and universities challenge their educational and business models, and Trinity is no different.  As we conclude the two-week strategic planning process and Call to Prayer, I thank you for your active participation! We have clearly felt the Lord’s leading, but realize that he doesn’t always provide all the details at once. I am excited to share the journey we have undertaken—becoming a university living in the realities of a world in exile. Please watch the video update below to learn more about what this reality means for Trinity.

Of course, there remains further conversations and planning to be done. Please continue to pray for wisdom, courage, and humility as we seek the Lord! Watch for regular video updates, which will be emailed to you throughout the summer. Also, the online FAQ’s have been recently updated in response to questions I am receiving from students and the Trinity Community.

May you have a blessed summer. We look forward to seeing you on campus in the fall!

In Christ,




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