All are welcome at Trinity!

We aim to inspire intercultural unity for the sake of Christ by promoting dialogue and growth in matters of spiritual formation, justice, and diversity. We also partner with ministries around the world and down the street to connect students with cross-cultural opportunities and provide opportunities for reconciliation and renewal.

Undergraduate Intercultural Initiatives

IDO—Intercultural Development Office

The Intercultural Development Office (IDO) aspires to see every student experience a sense of connection and belonging within our campus community. We help students celebrate their cultural uniqueness while finding common ground with people who come from different backgrounds.

To foster both cultural uniqueness and intercultural unity, our campus has several different ethnic Affinity Groups that gather together, socialize and network. These groups focus on how to build one another up, to have fun in culturally unique ways, and to foster a unified voice within the Trinity community.

Affinity Groups also engage the larger campus by hosting and attending cultural events. These include cultural heritage weeks, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events, gospel choir concerts, the Apollo Evening of the Arts and Improvisation, multicultural workshops, and Halftime Student Success Workshops.

Our Affinity Groups include: BSU (Black Student Union), the Asian America Alliance, the AEA (Americans of European Ancestry), Latinos Unidos (Hispanic), Global Student Group (International undergrad students), Mu Kappa (a national fraternity/sorority for missionary kids).

Want to learn more? Contact the Intercultural Development Office at [email protected].

Global Education Trips

Global Education Trips give undergraduate students the chance to learn, share and experience God’s kingdom work in other countries by assisting Trinity’s partners in Costa Rica, France, Jamaica, Los Angeles, and Uganda.

This amazing personal and spiritual growth opportunity is available on an annual basis. Students minister in teams on both national and international mission projects, often with life-changing results.


Graduate Intercultural Initiatives

We believe in moving towards wholeness and healing that reflects the body of Christ. By gathering, sharing our stories and experiences, developing healthy relationships with one another across racial, ethnic and cultural differences, we open the door to awareness and empathy. There are several cross-cultural groups on campus open to graduate students. Each group is committed to celebrating differences, sharing commonalities and working together to build the kingdom of God on earth.

Fellowship of International Students (FIS)

The Fellowship of International Students exists to advocate for and attend to the needs of the F-1 and J-1 student community and their families. The FIS also strives to be a bridge builder by facilitating enriching, diverse, and international experience and fellowship within the TEDS/TGS community. The FIS is composed of fellowship groups such as the African Students Fellowship, Chinese Students Fellowship, European Students Fellowship, Japanese Students Fellowship, and Korean Students Fellowship.

Gospel in the Public Square (GPS)

The Gospel in the Public Square seeks to bridge the gap between the Trinity Community, the classroom, and the culture at large. Through multiple events held on campus throughout the year, GPS invites Trinity faculty and other experts to speak on cultural issues in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the hope of GPS to equip future church leaders to engage with often difficult cultural issues that every Christian must address in a loving and biblically based manner.

International Missions Fellowship (IMF)

IMF functions to educate the TEDS/TGS community as to the nature, extent, and opportunities of home and foreign missionary service. It is open to all Trinity students who are interested in the cause of world evangelization. IMF seeks to stimulate awareness of and involvement in the cross- cultural communication of the gospel, resulting in the Great Commission becoming a reality for every believer.


As people entrusted with the gospel, Trinity Mosaic Ministries aims to advance the outreach of reconciliation and renewal by equipping students, developing resources, and creating new networks. MOSAIC offers on campus and off campus ministries that are open to all TEDS students. The MOSAIC Gathering on campus explores Christian identity and mission under the biblical vision of reconciliation with prayer, biblical reflections, and social analysis. Weekly gatherings include students, faculty, staff, and local pastors. Mosaic also has off campus ministries that partner with area churches, nonprofit ministries and para church organizations for community development. Areas of service may include: tutoring, mentoring, counseling, advocacy, housing, job readiness, coaching, literacy, jail ministry, gang outreach, business development, & more. Email [email protected] with any questions. View photos and events on Facebook.

Society of Black Scholars

Founded by Dr. Bruce Fields, the Society of Black Scholars is a Christ centered student group. It is Led by Afro students who aim to engage in conversations of biblical diversity and justice. The Society of Black Scholars represents a student fellowship of diverse backgrounds who gather to celebrate the contributions of Black theology and the Black church. Members of the society celebrate Black Excellence and how God is shaping kingdom citizens, as they learn the Black struggle in America.