About Trinity


Trinity International University is one university with four schools in multiple locations and a beautiful world-class Christian camp. Though each of these institutions serves a distinct purpose and provides a unique experience, one mission unites them all: to “educate men and women to engage in God’s redemptive work in the world.” We want to enable our students—at all entities and in every discipline—to be prepared to lead others, as they are entrusted with the gospel to think and live as Christ-followers in the twenty-first century.


Choosing the right educational institution is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make. Trinity International University gives you multiple unique educational opportunities in a variety of locations. No matter which path you choose, welcome to the Trinity International University family!

Trinity College Online – a Christian liberal arts that offers online undergraduate degrees

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – a  seminary affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America, located 25 miles north of Chicago and at satellite campuses throughout the U.S. and in Korea

Trinity Graduate School – an academic community dedicated to integrating faith, life, and learning into all programs of study to fully prepare you for your calling

Trinity Law School – a California Bar-accredited law school providing an exceptional legal education and offers a JD degree and a Master in Legal Studies degree

Trinity Florida – Offering fully accredited programs through Trinity College, Trinity Graduate School, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.


We are a diverse community of cultures, church traditions, ideas, experiences, and stories. Our students come from all walks of life, different parts of the country, and around the world with a variety of experiences, hopes, and dreams. Yet we share the same DNA. We are all entrusted with the gospel—which requires us to know it, live it, and make it known. We seek to join faith and learning in a distinctive way at each of our TIU schools and Camp Timber-lee, inspiring possibilities as you explore how your Christian faith impacts every area of life. 

Our collective desire to worship in faithfulness, mentor in hope, and build bridges in love unifies us all as we pursue academic excellence.

Three cords run through all things Trinity: 


Trinity has by God’s grace remained faithful and unswerving in its commitment to Scripture. When we worship in Spirit and in truth, we are worshiping in faithfulness. Here at Trinity, worship is important to who we are, and worship is a key component of our Evangelical Free Church heritage. For these reasons, we are committed afresh to worshipping in faithfulness—in every area of life.


Our mission is to educate men and women to engage in God’s redemptive work in the world. The most effective way for that engagement with redemption to take hold is by engaging students one at a time. This is the same way Jesus engaged his followers in God’s redemptive work: one disciple at a time. Today’s students are looking for a guide, someone who’s a little further down the path and can emulate a mature Christian life—intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our staff and faculty are known for engaging with you to provide the kind of mentorship you’re looking for. 


Because God so loved the world, Jesus dared to build bridges to reach marginalized people. Jesus is asking his disciples to follow his lead in building bridges of love. When Trinity first took root in 1897, it was only because a collection of under-resourced but hard-working Scandinavian immigrants, who needed collegiate and theological education, decided it was time to create their own place of learning.  Today, by the grace of God, Trinity campuses are diverse—ours are among the most diverse campuses in the country. We participate in God’s redeeming work as we help create a world where all the familiar dividing walls and corresponding ideologies have already been broken down in Christ.