Kingdom Diversity

Unity in Diversity
Trinity International University remains dedicated to the biblical picture of humanity created in the image of God. Just as the Triune God is fundamentally relational—three persons, one God, in eternal relationship, so also humanity is created relationally—male and female, distinct from one another, yet one humanity, who in relationship together image God. Just as the Triune God reveals diversity in eternal unity, so also humanity images diversity in unity. True to this commitment, in 2020, U.S. News & World Report ranked Trinity as a top-tier school in the nation for ethnic diversity and social mobility.

Trinity Racial Reconciliation Committee (TRRC)

In collaboration with other Trinity partners, TRRC seeks to implement TIU’s commitment to (1) racial reconciliation, (2) racial justice, and (3) “unity-in-diversity.” TRRC, led by two co-leaders, consists of ten to twelve members, representing students, staff, faculty, and administration of TIU. All leaders and members of the council are appointed by the president. The Committee meets regularly to:

  • use appropriate methods (e.g., listening groups, survey study etc.) to evaluate how TIU is growing in the areas of three commitments mentioned above.
  • generate new and creative ideas that might enable TIU to grow further in these areas.
  • explore different ways through which TRRC might be able to collaborate with other organizations on campus to implement these new ideas.
  • provide a progress report to the president according to goals established by the president at the end of each semester.

Intercultural Development Office

The Intercultural Development Office (IDO) wants to see every student feel a sense of belonging within our campus community. We help students celebrate their cultural uniqueness with others who share the same culture while finding common ground with other students who come from different backgrounds. The mission of the IDO is to promote unity in diversity through engaging students in each of their journeys through identity development, spiritual formation, and intercultural competency.


As people entrusted with the Gospel, Trinity Mosaic Ministries aims to advance the ministry of reconciliation and renewal by equipping students, developing resources, and creating new networks.