Trinity International University

Center for Transformational Churches

The Center for Transformational Churches exists to develop Christian leaders, congregations, and communities to empower gospel change through whole-life discipleship.


Christ calls the church to be the primary vehicle for communicating the gospel and creating individual, communal, and cultural change. Christian ministry must reach beyond the church, but the church is the starting ground for gospel transformation. We believe that every vocation matters to God and that pastoral leaders are called to empower their congregations for fruitful mission in all of their vocational contexts.

In order for Christians to influence culture and cultivate fruit, missional engagement must include the world of work. Pastors must be able to lead their congregations in understanding the role of work and their participation in the economy as it pertains to living a life of faithfulness. By empowering pastors and congregation members to understand the value of their daily work, churches create a ripple effect in bringing about human flourishing and discipleship that encompasses the whole life. The work of the Center for Transformational Churches facilitates

  • Pastoral Formation & Leadership Development
  • Church Planting & Congregational Growth
  • Cultural Engagement & Human Flourishing
  • Collaborative Partnerships