Spiritual Life

We pay special attention to developing the practice of godliness that will prepare you for whatever the Lord may have in store–not only while you are at Trinity, but wherever God’s purposes lead. In addition to the richness of your studies, local church community, and friendships here at Trinity, we have some wonderful opportunities to aid your spiritual formation and growth!


Worship is at the heart of the Christian life and at the heart of our mission as a university! Chapel plays a crucial role in forming us into a community whose lives please God, thereby shaping us to offer all that we know and do as a means of glorifying him. For all students, attending Chapels is an encouraging break from classes throughout the week – a chance to be grounded in God’s word, lifted up by the support of other students, faculty and staff and challenged by speakers, reflection and conversation.

The preaching of the Word is a prominent part of chapel. Trinity is blessed to have a wide variety of speakers from among Trinity faculty, as well as highly respected leaders from around the world.

TIU Chapel takes place every Wednesday and Friday from 11:00am – 11:50am in the A. T. Olson Chapel. Life Together Groups (LTGs) meet on Mondays from 11:00am – 11:50am in the Residence Halls.

Full-time undergraduate students are required to attend at least 28 chapels, with 21 sessions being met attending regularly scheduled chapel on W or F in ATO Chapel or by attending LTGs on Mondays. Students have the option of attending up to 7 alternate chapels per semester. These opportunities will be advertised as chapel electives and include: small Bible study groups of athletic teams; Men Under God; Women Ministry Council; Trinity Centers and faculty sponsored meetings, approved by the Office of Spiritual Life.

Chapel credits can be tracked in the “My Courses” section of myTIU. You can also find each semester’s chapel schedule on myTIU.

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TEDS and Trinity Graduate School Chapel takes place every Tuesday from 11:00am –11:50am in the A. T. Olson Chapel. Chapel is optional for graduate students, though all students are encouraged to make chapel an integral part of their theological training.

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Day of Prayer

Once every semester, classes are suspended for a Day of Prayer. The purpose of this day is to make room for more sustained prayer as well as times of personal and corporate reflection. The morning is spent in creative, concerted prayer together in the chapel. In the afternoons, advisor/advisee groups continue in prayer, fellowship, and other activities.


Discipleship isn’t limited to a specific place or activity. At Trinity we share a relationship with Jesus Christ that shapes who we are and who we are becoming. Discipleship happens everywhere – in the classroom, over a meal, listening to a chapel speaker, or praying with a roommate who is struggling. As we dwell in God’s Word and share life with one another, the Spirit forms us as a people who love and serve and forgive and participate in God’s restoration of this world.

Group Life

Undergraduate Groups
Life Together Groups (LTGs) provide space to encounter God’s Word together and invest in deeper relationships with each other. Seminary students, faculty, and staff members lead various groups, bringing greater insight into biblical passages. Each week, we unpack and apply the truth of Scripture, share our lives and stories, and bring our hopes and needs before God in prayer. LTGs shape us as disciples of Jesus and strengthen our relationships on campus.

TEDS Formation Groups
Formation Groups are important to our students’ personal, spiritual, and ministry development. As a place for informal, faculty-led discussion, prayer, and mentoring, Formation Groups complement more formal education and offer a warm place for mutual encouragement and fellowship in the context of ministry and theological education. Participation in Formation Groups is required for MDiv students as a part of the candidacy process but other master’s program students are encouraged to attend.
Learn More (Connect to Formation Group page).

Student Organizations
Certain student-led groups encourage you to connect and grow in your faith and knowledge with others as part of your Trinity experience. Both graduate and undergraduate groups meet regularly on campus around common interests and concerns. Find out more!

Undergrad Student Groups
TEDS & Graduate Groups

Local Church Involvement

Trinity encourages our students to connect with a local church if they are new to the area. Our church guide is a great resource for that purpose! We are committed to seeing our community active in the church while in school. Check out our interactive church guide on myTIU to help you find the right church during your education.

Every October, the Ministry Networking EXPO is held on campus. Representatives from a number of denominations come to primarily meet with TEDS students who are interested in ministry placement in these traditions. This is a great opportunity for students to interact and connect with representatives from church and ministry networks and various denominations! In recent years, representatives from Presbyterian, Covenant, Methodist, Baptist, Full Gospel, Evangelical Free, Mennonite, Assemblies of God, Anglican, and other denominations have attended.