Interview with Dr. Donald C. Guthrie

03.24.2020  |  Season 1  |  Episode 6


In this episode, Dr. James Arcadi and Dr. Madison Pierce interview Dr. Donald Guthrie, who is Executive Director of the Center for Transformational Churches, Director of the PhD in Educational Studies, Professor of Educational Ministries, the Jeanette L. Hsieh Chair of Educational Leadership here at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. (As we say in the episode, he does a lot around here!)

Donald offers us some excellent insights into ministry through his work with the CTC, his time ministering in Pittsburgh after the collapse of the steel industry, and his 30 years as an elder in the PCA. Perhaps most importantly, he also shares his research concerning how we might avoid burnout in ministry.

If you enjoy the interview, we encourage you to pop over to IVP and grab a copy of one Donald’s books: Resilient Ministry (2013) and The Politics of Ministry (2019).

But before our chat with Donald, Madison and James talk all things Texarkana and critters, including some important tips for avoiding snakes in Texas.

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