Greg Forster

Faculty Since 1998

Assistant Professor

Biblical and Systematic Theology


BA, University of Virginia

MA, Yale University

PhD, Yale University


Greg Forster is the director of the Oikonomia Network at the Center for Transformational Churches, and assistant professor in the systematic theology department at Trinity. He is the author of nine books and editor of six books. His primary scholarly interest is studying how the structures of culture and civilization (family, work, education, business, politics, etc.) respond to the challenge of the gospel and the ambiguous tensions of religious freedom, in order to equip the church to be good citizens of both the Kingdom of God and our human communities.

Selected Publications

Human Flourishing, forthcoming (ed.)

Faithfully Rendering God’s Word, 2020 (ed.)

The Keynesian Revolution and Our Empty Economy, 2019

Economics: A Student’s Guide, 2019

Joy for the World, 2014