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Training business leaders of integrity who hold fast to the word of God. Christ-centered academics and dynamic practical application of the latest business concepts is what sets Trinity apart.

BA in Christian Ministries

Walk confidently in your calling as a child of God and a servant of His kingdom. Become empowered theologically and theoretically in the areas of personal maturity, relational competence, and ministry skills in order to engage contemporary culture through Christ.

BA in Criminal Justice

Within a Christ-centered liberal arts curriculum, the aim of the Criminal Justice program is to provide students with a strong foundation in the study of criminology, including criminal law, legal systems, corrections, and policing.

BA in Criminal Justice & Master of Legal Studies

Earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in-person or online in as little as 4 ½ years from Trinity College and Trinity Law School. It’s a perfect option for starting or advancing your career in law enforcement, government, or business.

BA in Psychology

Starting with a Christ-centered curriculum, students can learn the knowledge and skills to be part of God’s restorative work in a fallen world. Through the online Psychology major, students are not only prepared for graduate school and the workplace, they learn how to better understand themselves, and relate with others in an effective manner.

Certificate in Educational Ministries

The purpose of the Certificate in Educational Ministries is to provide a broad contextual overview of the educational endeavors of the church, which seeks to equip people with theory and practice to become mature believers in Christ.

Certificate in Organizational Leadership

The purpose of the Certificate in Organizational Leadership is to engage participants in a deeper understanding of Christian leadership in organizational systems both in the church and beyond.

Certificate in Teaching and Learning

The purpose of the Certificate in Teaching and Learning is to focus on the theory and practice of the teaching-learning experience in Christian contexts.

Certificate of Theological Studies

The goal of Trinity’s Certificate program is to enhance your current ministry or to prepare you for something new. If you decide you want more education, this program will prepare you for a Master of Divinity or another master's degree, with part of your coursework already completed.

MA in Bioethics

The MA/Bioethics (MA/BE) gives students the ethical tools they need to address pressing contemporary issues of medicine, healthcare, technology, and theology.

MA in Educational Ministries

If you’re a ministry leader who wants to improve and expand your service in the local church and related educational settings, then the Master of Arts in Educational Ministries is for you!

MA in Intercultural Studies

As our world becomes increasingly globalized, the task of relating cross-culturally—and seeking to communicate the Gospel cross-culturally—is more and more pressing.

MA in Theological Studies

Our MA / THEOLOGICAL STUDIES draws from the breadth of our curriculum in biblical, theological, historical, and global areas, combined with a substantial number of elective hours. This enables each student to uniquely shape their coursework.

MA/Theological Studies

Trinity’s Master of Arts in Theological Studies offers evangelical training that fits your ministry needs. Take your faith and apply it to your mission. This program will show you the benefits of studying theology and serving the church or other vocational responsibilities.

Master of Divinity

Starting in Fall 2021, you can now earn your Master of Divinity degree 100% online! Obtain the same high-caliber education from our world-renowned faculty with classes that you can take from anywhere around the globe!

Master of Education

The MEd in Diverse Learning helps the classroom teacher position him/herself for professional advancement as an instructional expert who is ready to teach all learners well. The program includes coursework in differentiation, gifted, special education and English as a second language (ESL).

Master of Legal Studies

Trinity Law School, located in southern California, is part of the Trinity International University family of schools. Trinity Law School’s mission is “preparing students to flourish as attorneys dedicated to advocate for justice, serve the Church, and pursue truth throughout the world for Christ.”

Online Juris Doctor (JD)

Trinity Law School is a Christian law school that offers a unique, yet practical educational foundation from a biblical perspective. Your professors strive to challenge you and arm you with the knowledge you need to pursue a meaningful life of service. Whether your journey leads you to become an attorney, professor, or business leader, Trinity is where you not only learn the law, but also engage in practical opportunities to put your passion to work.