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Educational Ministries

NEXT START Jan. 2024
CREDITS 12 Hours
FORMAT 100% Online


The Certificate in Educational Ministries is offered through the Educational Ministries and Studies Department at TEDS and offers a variety of options and areas of focus for your studies. Whether you are a busy ministry leader wanting to strengthen your skills, a graduate student seeking to enhance your degree program, or someone interested in postgraduate or postdoctoral studies, your practice of ministry and base of knowledge will grow as a result of what you learn. Your classes will be taught by a variety of faculty across several disciplines. Our faculty are committed Christians, who challenge you to apply your faith to the complexities of life, while also guiding you toward academic success.

100% Online Course

Faculty With Real World Experience

3 Convinient Start Dates


An admissions counselor will help you plan a course of study that aligns with your interests, career, and ministry goals. The courses listed below are included in the program and will give you a clear snapshot of what you’ll be studying. Courses offerings alternate every semester.

Required: Generally Completed at the beginning of enrollment
  • EM 5100 Educational Ministries and Leadership
  • OR EM 5200 Educational Ministries AND EM 5210 Educational Ministries and Christian Leadership and Administration
Additional Requirements
Suggested curricular courses include but are not limited to:
  • EM 5510 Christian Formation & Journey
  • EM 5541 Youth and Emerging Adults in Congregations
  • EM 5560 Adults in Congregations
  • EM 6100 Intergenerational Ministry in the Church
  • ES 7524 Children in Congregations
  • ES 7535 Nurturing Families in the Church
  • ES 7560 Program Planning Dynamics in the Local Church
  • ES 8235 Ministry with Aging Adults
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Financial Aid

Did you know that nearly 95% of our students receive some form of financial aid? At Trinity we offer scholarships, grants, rebates, and other aid options to help pay for the cost of schooling. Learn more about what is available below or by contacting the Financial Aid Office at [email protected].

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The Certificate in Educational Ministries is designed for persons who desire to obtain advanced certification in educational ministries but do not wish to enroll in a degree program. Or for persons who may not possess a baccalaureate degree but have had intensive or extensive life experience with educational practice and are able to demonstrate the ability to do graduate level studies. It is also appropriate for those who wish to explore the area of educational ministries in addition to their other TIU degree program. Admission to the Certificate does not ensure admission to a Trinity degree program; however, it is designed so that courses completed may apply toward a future TEDS degree.


Applicants to the Certificate in Educational Ministries generally possess the following:

  • Intensive or extensive life experience with educational practice in the church, parachurch, other Christian organization, or in the public education arena (generally five-plus years of full-time experience)
  • Non-formal or informal preparation for theological study in educational ministries at the graduate level (theological education in a church or parachurch environment)
  • Demonstrated academic ability through evaluation and interview by the EM Department (personal interview encompassing demonstrable skills, character, knowledge, and critical thinking)
  • Completion of the Certificate Application with accompanying requisite materials

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Prior to coming to Trinity in January 2013, Dr. Colwill served as Assistant Professor of Leadership and Director of Institution Research and Evaluation at Asbury Theological Seminary. Her long term areas of interest in research, teaching, consulting and practice include development of emerging and mid-career leader development, Collaborative high performing teams, Organizational agility and health, and Leading change.


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