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Leadership in Mission

NEXT START Aug. 2024
CREDITS 12 hours
FORMAT 100% Online


The Leadership in Missions certificate program provides a community of online learners with a comprehensive study of the theology and historical context of evangelism and missions worldwide. Students are able to gain a solid understanding of anthropology, discipleship practices, and effective evangelism methods, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their ministry capabilities, both in the United States and internationally. The asynchronous program’s flexibility allows students to explore theological foundations and historical precedents at their own pace, developing a strong foundation that empowers them to engage in meaningful cross-cultural interactions and effectively share the message of their faith, making a positive impact in diverse communities globally.

100% Online Course

Faculty With Real World Experience

3 Convinient Start Dates


Courses may be completed on the Bannockburn campus, through TEDS online courses, and at approved extension sites. While the entire certificate may be completed through TEDS online courses, not all courses are available in all modes or every semester. The following requirements must be completed

  • ME 6760 Theology of Mission & Evangelism
  • Select additional semester hours of courses prefixed ME available at the master's level (5000-8999). Courses from other departments may be applied when such substitutions are approved in advance by the ME Department. (see next tab for more info)
Total: 12 Hours
Suggested curricular courses include but are not limited to:
  • ME 5000 Foundations of Christian Mission
  • ME 5001 Foundations of Evangelism
  • ME 6410 History of the Expansion of Christianity
  • ME 6610 Anthropology for Ministry
  • ME 7300 World Religions
  • ME 7510 Missional Church
Total: 12 Hours
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The Certificate of Leadership in Mission is designed for persons who desire to obtain advanced certification in mission studies and leadership at the master’s level but do not wish to enroll in a degree program, or for persons who may not possess a bachelor’s degree but have had life experience with mission practice in the local church and/ or Christian ministry and are able to demonstrate the ability to do graduate-level studies. The Certificate of Leadership in Mission is also appropriate for those who wish to explore mission studies and leadership in addition to their other TIU degree program.


Applicants to the Certificate of Leadership in Mission generally possess the following:

  • Life experience in mission in the local church, parachurch ministry, other Christian organization.
  • Demonstrated academic ability through evaluation of bachelor’s and/or master’s transcripts. For those without the bachelor’s degree, an interview by ME Department faculty (personal interview encompassing demonstrable skills, character, knowledge, and critical thinking).

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Dr. Gustafson served twenty-five years in ministry, first as campus director with Cru at Fresno State University in California, and then as pastor in two Evangelical Free churches in the Great Lakes District. Dr. Gustafson’s areas of expertise include evangelism, Evangelical Free Church history, and missional praxis. He is book review editor of Witness: Journal of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education. He is an ordained minister of the Evangelical Free Church of America and serves on its Board of Ministerial Standing. He is an affiliate docent at Johannelund School of Theology in Uppsala, Sweden, and a contributing author in evangelism to the International Alliance for Christian Education.


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