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Most of our faculty have had careers in their area of expertise, thus offering students real-world perspectives on course topics. All faculty are committed Christians who will challenge students to understand how their faith can help them navigate the complexities of organizational life while honoring God and serving man.

Dean of Trinity College

Dr. Karen A. Wrobbel is the Dean of Trinity College and Graduate School and brings many years of experience to the dean’s role. She serves at Trinity both as a teaching faculty member and as a recognized leader through her responsibilities as director of the Division of Education, associate dean, and chair of faculty councils, committees and task forces. Her expertise and research interests include the education of MKs and other global nomads, languages and education, and intercultural communication.

Eugene B. Loftin, JD

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Wendy L. Martin, PhD

Chair, Department of Business Professor of Business

Timothy M. Robinson, EdD

Chair, Department of Psychology Associate Professor of Psychology

Martha L. Shin, MBA

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Jeffrey Price, MBA

Visiting Assistant Professor of Business

Dean of TEDS

Dr. David W. Pao is the Dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where he has been on faculty since 1998. Pao brings more than 25 years of experience in theological education, both as an administrator (10 years as NT department chair) and as a faculty member (23 years as NT professor at TEDS). Pao is an ordained minister in the Chinese Christian Union Church (Chicago)—having served in significant ministry roles while a professor. His preaching and teaching ministries are deeply appreciated around the world, as he makes around 20 (mostly international) trips every year.

Deborah A. Colwill, PhD

Chair of the Educational Ministries Department

Matthew Eppinette, PhD

Affiliate Professor of Bioethics Executive Director of CBHD

Donald C. Guthrie, EdD

Director of the PhD (Educational Studies)

Dana M. Harris, PhD

Professor of New Testament

Dennis R. Magary, PhD

Chair of the Old Testament and Semitic Languages Department

Craig Ott, PhD

Professor of Mission and Intercultural Studies

Julie West Russo, EdD

Program Director for Mental Health Counseling and Chaplaincy and Ministry Care Programs

Michael J. Sleasman, PhD

Director of Bioethics Degree Associate Professor of Bioethics

Manuel R. Rauchholz, PhD

Professor of Mission and Intercultural Studies Director of the PhD (Intercultural Studies)

Dean of Trinity Law School

Eric Halvorson has been a Ventura County resident and licensed to practice law in California for 35 years. He began his career as a CPA with an international public accounting firm before attending Duke Law School, where he served as an editor of the Duke Law Journal. Halvorson then began his legal practice with a Milwaukee-based firm, where he developed a specialty in corporate law with an emphasis in mergers and acquisitions, as well as serving as a managing partner for three years.

Dana Clark

Associate Dean

Daniele Le

Assistant Dean

Myson Steeves

Dean Emeritus

Adeline A. Allen

Associate Professor

Narcis Brasov

Assistant Professor

Andrew DeLoach

Associate Professor and Director of Center for Human Rights

Craig Hawkins

Visiting Scholar, Center for Human Rights

Kevin Holsclaw

Clinical Professor Avalor

R. Neil Rodgers

Visiting Professor

Joy Statler

Assistant Professor, Director of Academic Support and Clinical Programs

Rachel Toberty

Assistant Professor

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