Bringing Vision to Life Through Art

February 25, 2021
[gallery size="medium" ids="353,352,351"] Daniel Hartman, who serves as the Mosaic Ministries Director, is grateful to have been around such amazing students and  faculty over his 10 years of leading Mosaic Ministries. But the pandemic has made it challenging to find meaningful ways to connect, especially now that the three formation groups meet weekly over Zoom. The Mosaic leadership team brainstormed about creative ways to build community and foster connection. They decided to try a  virtual paint party. Graciously funded by a Dean's office grant, Mosaic leaders sent paint kits to each student's house along with a Starbucks gift card so they could “paint and sip.” The three Mosaic formation groups painted around the themes of Trinity's strategic priorities, with each group focusing on one of the priorities: Worship in Faithfulness; Mentor in Hope; and Build Bridges in Love. Afterward, students had the opportunity to share about their paintings, much to the delight of all involved. Each formation group's experience was profoundly worshipful and filled with insights and mutual encouragement. For first-year MA in Mental Health Counseling TEDS student Cynthia Massie, this activity showed her a new way to connect with the Lord. "I was refreshed and encouraged during this time in ways that I did not expect. This was out of my comfort zone, but so glad that we did this together because the Lord spoke to my heart in ways that I so desperately needed. I really loved seeing the other paintings as well." For one student, this experience sparked a new space for creativity in her life. “My creativity had been dormant for a number of years,” said Cheryl Dunlap, a TEDS student. “Within my scope of creativity, painting is not an artistic form of confidence or comfortability. As I embraced my perceived deficiencies, a renewed connection to God manifested. My creativity was restored through creating healthy recipes, and jewelry.” Many of the students volunteered their paintings for a "mosaic" compilation. A colorful and unique collage of each priority will hang in lower Waybright for all to see. “We hope this artistic representation of Trinity’s strategic priorities will bless others as well,” Hartman said. As people entrusted with the gospel, Trinity Mosaic Ministries aims to advance the ministry of reconciliation and renewal by equipping students, developing resources, and creating new networks. For more information on Mosaic Ministries, email [email protected] or visit