Building Skyy 2 Win: MLS Student Starts Nonprofit

October 15, 2021
Skyy 2 Win Three years ago, BJ Borden, Master of Legal Studies student, started a non-profit called, Skyy 2 Win which provides children in Maryland the opportunity to play on a basketball team regardless of their financial status.  After starting Skyy 2 Win, he began Trinity’s Master of Legal Studies in Non-Profit Organizations program to further his understanding and ability to run his nonprofit, so he can continue to make a difference in these kids’ lives. Skyy 2 Win’s mission is to fund and organize basketball camps for children to have the chance to be on a team and learn valuable skills like sportsmanship. He also started many sports camps including a referee training program. His goal is to give kids the chance to become certified referees in youth programs, so they can be compensated for refereeing games.     

“Some of these kids just need someone to believe in them. That's where Skyy 2 Win comes in. If you see the Eagle on my site and the name Skyy it all goes together with youth spreading their wings and soaring to heights some never dreamed of.”

Borden wants to provide these kids with a sense of responsibility and purpose, so that “through sports, we can help kids learn life lessons.” This is particularly important to Borden because of his background. “Being Black and Native American, I know what it’s like to be oppressed and not have some opportunities that others have. I have had to work for everything I have, and I want to share with less fortunate youth some of what God has bestowed upon me.” “From this program, I have learned a lot of the inner workings and legal issues a nonprofit can have. I have learned to invest in an attorney and CPA to ensure Skyy 2 Win is doing what it’s supposed to do to stay on course. “ After taking a class with Adjunct Professor Lisa Runquist, Borden worked with an attorney to update Skyy 2 Win’s bylaws and was able to improve his fundraising tactics through Adjunct Professor Preston Branaugh’s class.  IMG 3484 Borden has a team of volunteers, and his family is heavily involved with the non-profit. Together as a family who loves Jesus, they are committed to making Skyy 2 Win thrive. Borden’s wife, Christine Borden, is a significant part of making Skyy 2 Win excel by putting together fundraisers and working with volunteers. Their children Brittani, Kyrstan, and Dylin, are all involved with Skyy 2 Win as well.  Borden is grateful for his experience at Trinity as it has further equipped him to answer God’s calling for his life and serve his community. “Nonprofits do the work of the Lord in many cases so make sure things are right so that you can continue to share life’s bountiful blessings with others.”     

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