Christine Baker’s Alumna Story

April 21, 2022
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It is easy to get stuck in a job or a lifestyle that is not a good fit, but daring to return to college for a graduate degree in a new field is a daunting challenge. It can seem like too high a hurdle to jump over. That is what Christine Baker experienced. She had a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration but found that the business world was not satisfying for her. She knew that she was a people person. “Friends wanted me to listen to them deeply and advise them. I have always had a passion to help people,” Christine said. So Christine decided to take a step of faith to find out where God was calling her to be. She decided to enroll at TIU-Florida to pursue a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. “My husband had graduated from TIU-Florida, and he loved it, so it came highly recommended,” Christine said. “As a Christian, my faith is important to me, and I wanted to go where I could get a faith-based education.” At TIU-Florida, faith is infused in all the courses. “It was a big decision to come back to college,” she said. Little did she know, she was also newly pregnant. “It was a struggle, but the TIU-Florida community was just wonderful. The professors really care about you as more than a student. They care about the whole person: your life, your family, the difficulties you’re facing.” Christine had grit, and although it took a while, she made it through her coursework for the MA in Counseling Psychology, which is now the MA in Mental Health Counseling program. Christine Baker family Then came along the next challenge: the rigorous licensing exams. “I kept hearing from colleagues from other universities about how they had taken the exam and failed. One of them had taken it five times!” But Christine overcame her fears and took the exam, which she passed on the first try! Her education at TIU-Florida had prepared her well.

I have always had a passion to help people.

Now, Christine has her own private practice in mental health therapy, case management, and substance abuse counseling. She is intentionally located inside the church building where her husband pastors, to send a clear message that faith is an important part of her practice.  Christine definitely knows she has found her calling. She loves the therapy sessions. “It’s rewarding, but at the same time, because of the society we live in, it can be overwhelming.” Christine definitely knows that she is needed in this role, and she says that need for counselors is drawing many people to seek an MA in Mental Health Counseling these days.  Christine Baker church service She believes that to become a professional counselor, you must start with a heart for people, and then get your training from a university like TIU-Florida. “You get more out of it than just an education. It develops your faith and gives you a biblical foundation. You receive all the training that you need to prepare to be a professional counselor–at TIU-Florida, you get both.” Christine has been specializing in helping children and teenagers, and now, she’s recently become interested in also reaching out to help senior citizens as a case manager. “I can’t wait to see what else God is going to do – I’m getting prepared, and I’m getting excited.”

[TIU-Florida] develops your faith and gives you a biblical foundation..

Don’t settle for a job that’s your second choice. Like Christine, start pursuing your calling and discover your purpose in life – the reason why God created you and wired you the way you are.

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