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Trinity International University announced that its undergraduate programs will move to an exclusively online modality, effective at the end of the 2023 Spring Semester. The College will cease traditional, face-to-face instruction enrollments at that time.


When will these changes be activated?

These changes will take effect immediately upon the close of the 2022–23 academic year, Saturday, May 13, 2023. The current spring 2023 semester will continue unabated.

Will eligible seniors be able to participate in commencement this spring?

Yes, TIU will hold graduation for seniors on Saturday, May 13, 2023, as planned. Additional information can be found here.

When the College moves online, where will I be able to get a transcript?

Since only traditional face-face-face instruction at the College will cease and the University will remain open, student records will continue to be held by TIU Academic Records. Transcripts can be requested here.

Will my Trinity College degree still be considered valid after the College shutters traditional face-to-face instruction?

Yes. The Higher Learning Commission accredits Trinity International University, including Trinity College, and employers and other colleges/universities will recognize your degree as a valid degree with full accreditation.

How can a potential employer verify my education?

The Academic Records Office will continue to be a resource for education verification.

If I made a donation to the College, can I get my money back?

Since donors receive a tax benefit at the time the donation is made, TIU is unable to issue any refunds.

What happens to restricted Scholarship Funds?

Restricted scholarship funds will continue to be used according to the donor’s intent through the current academic year. After that, in accordance with non-profit law, the Illinois State Attorney General is the ultimate arbiter and trustee of any remaining balance for endowed and restricted funds. Donors will receive correspondence either from TIU or the State on the status of their restricted funds.

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