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Trinity International University announced that its undergraduate programs will move to an exclusively online modality, effective at the end of the 2023 Spring Semester. The College will cease traditional, face-to-face instruction enrollments at that time.

On Monday, February 20, Trinity’s administration held informational meetings with students and their parents. Both are available for you to listen to below.

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Parent Webinar
Student Meeting


When will these changes be activated?

These changes will take effect immediately upon the close of the 2022–23 academic year, Saturday, May 13, 2023.

Will eligible seniors be able to participate in commencement this spring?

Yes, TIU will hold graduation for seniors on Saturday, May 13, 2023, as planned. Additional information can be found here.

What will happen when my program at the College moves online?

Trinity will work with students who want to complete their degree with Trinity through a personalized completion plan. Your faculty advisor or Dean Wrobbel can provide further information. Click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wrobbel.

For those who want a face-to-face college experience including athletics and other activities, Trinity is working with several institutions to provide a smooth path for transfer, and we will be hosting a transfer fair on February 27 so that students can speak personally with representatives, including athletic recruiters, from these institutions. No student is obligated to enroll at one of the institutions with which Trinity has made arrangements.

What happens to the credits I have taken at TIU?

All credits earned at Trinity are valid even after the College moves online. The Higher Learning Commission regionally accredits Trinity International University, and credits will be considered for transfer by any other regionally accredited institution.

If I’m graduating spring 2023 or if I continue my studies through TIU Online, will my TIU degree still be considered valid after this move?

Yes. The Higher Learning Commission accredits Trinity International University, including Trinity College, and employers and other colleges/universities will recognize your degree as a valid degree with full accreditation.

If I choose to continue my education online at Trinity, how much is the credit hour for Summer 2023?

The online course is $480 per credit hour, plus $200 online/comprehensive fee for 1-11 credits or $400 12+ credits.

Will TIU assist me in finding another college to attend for next year?

Yes. The college has invited several colleges to come to the campus to meet with students and answer questions about the next steps. An on-campus college fair will be held from noon. to 3 p.m., Monday, February 27, in Melton Hall (Waybright Center).

How can I receive guidance and support as I determine what to do to finish my degree?

Faculty academic advisors and Dean Wrobbel are available to meet with students to discuss individual situations and options for completing their degree. Click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wrobbel.

I am a Trinity Florida student; how do these changes affect me?

Courses at Trinity Florida will continue to be offered under the hybrid model. You will still have the option of attending classes in-person or online.

Do I have to pay any balance owed on my account at the College?

Yes, if you still owe tuition, fees, room or board for any period through the spring 2023 semester, you are responsible for paying your bill with TIU. For questions about your account with the College, please contact [email protected].

I am on a payment plan, will this continue?

Yes, you still owe for any tuition, fees, room or board for the time you have been a student at the College.

Due to the news I am thinking of moving off campus early. Will I receive any refund?

We will not be issuing any refunds for students who move off campus early. The in-person College is still fully operational thru May 12.

What happens to any scholarships I have?

It will vary depending on the nature of your scholarship. This can be discussed with the Financial Aid Office. Email [email protected] or make an appointment here.

Does this news impact student-athletes’ eligibility and transferring?

No. All student-athletes will be charged a season of eligibility from this year (provided they’ve played in more than 20 percent of contests).

All student-athletes will receive a transfer release, and TIU’s athletics staff will help any student-athlete with his or her transfer process.

I’m a student on an athletic scholarship at Trinity. If I decide to stay on at the school through TIU Online, will my scholarship continue?

If you are a student-athlete who decides to stay enrolled online at Trinity, the Financial Aid Office will work with you to maintain similar out-of-pocket expenses for tuition and fees as you previously had as a student-athlete living on campus. The Financial Aid team will have to work with student-athletes on a case-by-case basis, but you will not have to pay more out-of-pocket to finish out your degree online. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

What will happen to my student records? What if I need a transcript?

Since only traditional face-face-face instruction at the College will cease and the University will remain open, student records will continue to be held by TIU Academic Records. Transcripts can be requested here.

Up to 10 official transcripts from Trinity will be free for undergraduate students who need to send them to the College to which they’re transferring. We suggest you wait to pull your official transcripts until after your spring 2023 semester grades are posted on May 16. If an official transcript is needed before May 16, please get in touch with [email protected] and ask for an early exception. Fees for transcripts will be waived through July 31, 2023.

Important Note: When placing an order for a transcript, one of the steps the Student Clearinghouse requires is that you enter credit card information. If you are among the group eligible for free transcripts, your credit card will not be billed. Also note that TIU is unable to retroactively waive the fee, so if a student plans to request a free transcript, they need to notify the Records Office by email either:

  • At the time they place their transcript order, or,
  • No more than 24 hours before they place their order.

How long will I be able to maintain my Trinity email address? Can I still use software like Office 365 that has been supplied by the College?

Your TIU email accounts will be active while you are still a student or until you are no longer enrolled in one of Trinity’s online programs. Email accounts are retired after two consecutive semesters elapse without the student enrolling in a course. Once the email account is retired you will no longer be able to access email or utilize any software associated with TIU, such as Office 365, Google Workspace, and many of the library’s resources.

As a student, how will I receive my campus employment W2 for 2023?

Tax information will be mailed to students per the address on record by January 31, 2024 for the 2023 tax year. Employment information can always be viewed online via ADP WorkforceNow.

As a student, how will I receive my 1098-T tax form?

Tax information will be made available via myTIU under the Student Finances tab.

I am overwhelmed and need someone to talk to about this news.

An unexpected change like this can carry with it a lot of emotion. The counseling center at TIU provides students with individual counseling, group counseling, premarital counseling, and referral services to Christian counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. All services are confidential.

Please email [email protected] or call at 847-317-4067 to schedule an intake appointment. They are located in Madsen 500-South Entrance.

For informal counseling opportunities, TIU Student Life professional staff is prepared to debrief and discuss this institutional transition with you and can be reached at [email protected].

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