Women’s Soccer Team Coaches Deerfield Middle School

October 21, 2021
TIU Soccer laughing with middle schoolers on the field With the high number of young athletes stepping away from sports because of burnout, Coach Patrick Gilliam was excited about the opportunity for his team to coach the Deerfield Middle School coed soccer team, especially since they had an opportunity to share the importance of good sportsmanship and their love for the sport.   The TIU Women’s Soccer team captains led the practice for the middle school’s team, while the other TIU players aided in one-on-one coaching throughout the day.  “I’m super excited! I absolutely love coaching kids; it’s super fun!” said team captain Fatina Bustamente (BA in Psychology ‘22). “Coaching builds character, and I also learned so much more about the sport even though we’re not playing it.” Laughter and joy were contagious on the field as each TIU player coached and encouraged the middle schoolers. The practice included warmups, 3-on-2 drills, and a scrimmage.  TIU women's soccer leds middle schoolers in practice Coach Gillam was grateful that the team had the opportunity: “Not only did they share their soccer knowledge, but also a passion for the game that is inspiring and contagious.” As fun as coaching is for them, at Trinity our students and staff have a higher calling, one that inspires them to encourage the next generation of soccer players not just to enjoy the sport, but also to do it to the best of their ability, giving all the glory to God while demonstrating good sportsmanship on the field. Their goal is to exhibit their faith in action on and off the field.  Coach Gillam encourages his team to demonstrate their faith and grow in it daily, as they share devotions, team discipleship groups, and many teachable moments that the athletic experience provides. [caption id="attachment_678" align="alignleft" width="300"]Fatima Bustamente with her team Fatina Bustamente (Psychology ‘22) with her teammates[/caption] “We look to use the soccer environment to teach lessons that are applicable both on and off the field,” said Gilliam. This is why TIU team captain Bustamente says she chose to attend Trinity. “It’s a place where I can grow my faith in the Lord, and I knew right away that the Lord was calling me to go here. When I first visited Trinity, it felt like I was home, I got to know more about what Trinity is, and I knew I was going to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically here." We’re so grateful for the opportunity TIU Women’s Soccer had to love our neighbors and mentor the next generation of soccer players at Deerfield Middle School.     

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