Trinity College Spring Registration

November 23, 2020
Trinity College registration opened November 16, and students who have advised with their faculty advisor and have addressed all account holds are encouraged to register for spring 2021 classes as soon as possible to ensure the best selection. Most spring classes will be offered face to face, with masks and social distancing as observed in the fall semester. These sections are numbered 01, 02, or 03. A few classes are scheduled as synchronous remote only; these will be labeled as section 21. Students who wish to learn from home because they do not feel comfortable living in the residence hall and attending in person classes may request remote synchronous classes by contacting the Trinity College Dean’s office, [email protected]. In your email, indicate the classes you wish to take remotely so that we can assist you in registering for those courses. Please note that science labs and graphic design courses are not available remotely due to the required hands-on activities using specific equipment in these classes. Fully online classes can be identified by their section number, 40. Traditional undergraduates may take no more than one fully online class per semester unless special arrangements are made with the Dean of the College. A technology fee applies for all online courses. Traditional undergraduates who consider taking a fully online course should check the course dates carefully; many courses are intensive six-week courses, which may be very challenging to students who have a full schedule of other semester-length courses. Traditional undergraduates generally experience more success in twelve-week online courses concurrently with their in person classes. If you have registration questions, reach out to your faculty advisor or the Trinity College Dean ([email protected]).