The Lollie’s – A Trojan Success Story

December 1, 2021
The Lollie Family Clarissa and Chavez Lollie, are young parents, business professionals, and representatives of the Gospel. Both, now using their business degrees from TIU in technology sales and solutions, were prepared by Trinity to tackle the world of business. Last October, Trinity’s annual Homecoming celebration brought them back to campus where they had the chance to watch the Trojan’s football team, which her husband, Chavez, had played on while they attended TIU together. It was during their time at TIU and through their experiences playing for the Trojans that they met each other, were prepared for their careers, and more importantly, gave their lives to Christ.  Before coming to Trinity, Clarissa lived in the small town of Kokomo, Indiana. She had received a partial scholarship to play basketball at TIU and played all 4 years. Chavez came from the westside of Chicago and was offered a partial scholarship to play football. Both were greatly impacted by their experiences playing for the TIU Trojans Clarissa reminisced, “Before coming to Trinity I thought I was poor and honestly was not the most grateful or friendliest person. I had a chance to play and serve with my teammates in the Dominican Republic and that trip really changed my perspective and outlook on life. Shortly after returning, I ended up giving my life to Christ at a local church with my TIU family. The accountability and leadership of my coach and teammates taught me to hold myself to a higher standard.” Resized 20211002 124502 Chavez also had the chance to travel with the football team to serve in India with a program that is battling against human trafficking. This trip helped shape his worldview and fueled his passion for helping others- particularly investing in the lives of junior-high and high-schoolers. “My husband surrendered his life to Christ his sophomore year at a New Life Celebration church… TIU taught us discipline and how to be team players.” Their relationship began while taking business classes together. In Clarissa’s words, “The law of proximity and my husband's persistence and charm ultimately won me over.” Together, they now have a little boy and a baby girl. The Lollies are currently using their business degrees today with Clarissa working as a Senior Account Manager and Chavez as a Business Development Manager, both in the field of business technology solutions. Reflecting on how Trinity’s Business program prepared them for their careers, Clarissa replied, “Trinity’s business program taught us how to organize our expenses and finances, taught us proper business etiquette and what to expect in our life of work.” Clarissa’s advice to prospective TIU students is, “Visit the campus if you can to see if you really could picture yourself there. Take the time to learn about student loans and apply for as many scholarships as you can. Team up with the financial aid office to know what additional resources are available to you and really pray and seek where God is leading you!”

Trinity’s Bachelors in Business Program

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