Thanksmas during a time of COVID

November 24, 2020
Thanksmas brought Christmas cheer and Thanksgiving gratitude to students during the week leading up to Thanksgiving, November 16-20. Thanksmas week was Trinity’s way of helping students celebrate the holidays before they head home for the rest of the semester. The combination of two great holidays allowed for equally cheerful and thankful celebrations among friends. Each day students made decorations preparing for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony on November 23. The Intercultural Development Office, Student-life, and student-led groups on campus provided the holiday craft tables. Each group provided a volunteer every hour to man the holiday stations in Waybright every day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students slowly filtered through Waybright, adding their personal touch while remaining socially distanced each day. Christmas music played while the Creative Dining Services provided hot drinks and sweet treats. Monday and Tuesday were designated to snowflake creation but with a Thanksgiving addition. After each student finished their snowflakes they wrote what they are thankful for on small strips of paper. Each strip was then used to make paper chains, or garlands, to “deck” the halls of Waybright. Wednesday and Thursday brought ornament decoration. Students meet at the same stations to paint plastic globes and wooden circles which were used to decorate the Christmas trees in Waybright. Friday ushered in the last event to finish the decorations for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Students wrapped presents in a classic brown paper and wrote about the gifts God has given them despite a challenging year on the present. The end of the week left Waybright a holiday wonderland and ready for the lighting ceremony on Monday. The personalized decorations spread joy and hope in this hard and unusual time. On Monday, November 23, all of the decorations were in place as students gathered outside the Waybright entrance. Just as the dark started to settle in, prospective students and current students huddled around the Christmas tree with hot drinks in hand, counting down for the big reveal. Thanksmas helped students celebrate the last week on campus for most and helped usher in the Christmas spirit.