New traffic patterns in McLennan Academic Building

January 11, 2021
Traffic patterns in McLennan Academic Building have changed with the start of the spring semester, based on input from faculty and students and in light of winter weather. The atrium stairs will still be up only, and foot traffic on the second-floor hallway will continue to flow away from the atrium. The stairs in the middle of McLennan (at the end of the hallways) will be down only. Now, however, the first floor “science” hallway will permit two-way traffic, so that students can come down from upstairs and return to the atrium without exiting via the Peterson Wing and having to walk further outside. The two-way traffic on the first floor will permit students with classes in the labs and McL 112 to go directly to their classes without having to go upstairs and back down again. The stairs at the far south end of McLennan (past faculty and dean’s offices) will be two-way. Directional signs were installed prior to the fall semester to support social distancing and minimize crowding on the stairs and in the hallways, as part of the multiple measures taken by Trinity to facilitate a safe environment during the coronavirus pandemic. These changes should only minimally increase traffic in the first-floor hallway while giving students and faculty more convenient access to classrooms, offices, and the atrium.