Martin Isreb’s Journey to Faith at Trinity Law School

September 23, 2021
Martin Isreb, JD '21 Trinity Law School student Martin Isreb is graduating in December with a JD in his hand and a heart for Jesus. Prior to law school, he had considered himself agnostic, but Isreb was on the journey for something more meaningful, not least for his growing family, so he enrolled at Trinity Law School. “I knew that I wanted my children to be raised in some sort of religion. I did not want it to be Islam because that is where I came from as a child.” By attending Trinity Law School, Isreb became excited to learn about God’s law, grace, and love. “I found God not only through the values of Trinity Law School but also through the way that law is being taught. There is a parallel to Scripture." Through the incorporation of a Christian perspective in the classroom Isreb’s faith grew. “That was an excellent way to get to know Scripture, and how the law works, and to see the truths between the two."

"I found God not only through the values of Trinity Law School but also through the way that law is being taught. There is a parallel to Scripture." - Martin Isreb, JD '21

Shortly after beginning law school, Isreb knew that he wanted to follow Jesus. “After seeing the conduct of Christian attorneys and non-Christian attorneys, I realized what kind of man I want to be.” Once Isreb accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour, his life changed. “I am a completely different person from where I started. It is night and day.”  Isreb has become a student who is intentional about his education. He volunteered to lead extracurricular groups like the Christian Legal Society (CLS) and will be attending the CLS Conference at the end of October. He faithfully attends church, and Isreb is determined to grow more like Christ every day. Recently, he participated in a weekend-long Men’s Retreat called 'Man Camp' where he was baptized along with his new brothers in Christ.  Isreb also works as a student recruiter within the Admissions department which provides him with an opportunity to share his experience at Trinity with incoming students. [caption id="attachment_622" align="alignright" width="300"]Martin Isreb and Leigh Anne Izquirre Martin Isreb and Leigh Anne Izaguirre[/caption] Assistant Director of Admissions Leigh Anne Izaguirre along with the other staff at Trinity have mentored Isreb. Izaguirre said, “Martin continues to ask deep spiritual questions surrounding his new faith in Jesus. I hired him for his tireless work ethic, excellent questions, and willingness to push himself beyond what was expected of him. I knew he was going to make a great addition to our admissions team.”   Through working as a student recruiter and around campus, Isreb is able to share his faith with new students and his peers. “Law is such a dry field, but my best memory is seeing everyone’s smiling faces when I enter the building.” On-campus, people are able to see God’s light shine through Isreb as he encourages all those around him. Since he stepped through the door at Trinity Law School, he has grown from someone unsure of who God is to a person who has committed his life to Christ.  

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