Professor Monson Discusses Recent Scroll Fragments Found in the Cave of Horror

April 29, 2021
The March 27th edition of the Ten Minute Bible Hour featured TEDS Associate Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages John Monson, as he and host Matt Whitman walked through the highlights of the most recent discovery involving ancient biblical fragments found in desert caves in the Judaean Desert. In short, back on March 16, NPR reported that Israeli government archaeologists discovered tiny fragments of an ancient biblical scroll near the Dead Sea, in the so-called "Cave of Horror" (named after the dozens of human skeletons discovered there in an Israeli dig in the 1960s). The archaeologists found a crumpled bundle of dozens of tiny parchment fragments in ancient Greek, determining them to be Greek translations of several verses from Twelve Minor Prophets. Check out Professor Monson's walkthrough here:

  Also listen to his discussion about this in further detail as well as on related matters on the podcast No Dumb Questions, "Dr. Monson and the Quest For the Silver Scroll."