Camp Timber-lee Update: Letter from President Nicholas Perrin

March 10, 2023
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last updated: March 10, 2023

Dear Friends and Family of Trinity International University and Camp Timber-lee, A few weeks ago, I informed you of a few changes at Trinity International University that will help us carve a path to expand our vision globally and to sharpen focus on our mission to train future leaders of the global evangelical church with biblically integrated, mentor-driven education. As part of that statement, we also announced the closure of Camp Timber-lee, a camping ministry that TIU agreed to operate in 2016 on the condition of its return to financial sustainability. Unfortunately, despite the investment of more than $2.8 million on Trinity’s part, such sustainability never materialized. Given Trinity’s fiduciary commitment to its donors and tuition-paying students, and given the University’s historic mission of “educating men and women to engage in God’s redemptive work in the world,” it became clear that financial risks and liabilities associated with maintaining the camp’s operations had far exceeded the Board of Regents’ willingness or ability to subsidize it. But it is with great excitement and gratitude that I am now able to share that shortly after this announcement was made, Trinity was able to identify a buyer and agree upon terms for a purchase agreement that would allow Camp Timber-lee to remain open, without any changes to scheduled camps for the 2023 season and prior planned events. This path allows the camp to continue its ministry, while also maintaining the opportunity for TIU to drive its mission forward. While some Trinity constituents may fault my administration and the board for not accepting the full potential market value of the Timber-lee property with this sale, we believe this is an answer to prayer. We want to see this ministry continue. In fact, the buyer said that when he heard that Camp Timber-lee would be closing, he felt the Holy Spirit leading him to make an offer on the camp. His hope is that Camp Timber-lee can continue sharing the love of Christ with kids for generations to come. Please take a moment now to pray that this agreement would be duly finalized and finalized quickly—for the sake of God’s continued ministry both at Trinity and Timber-lee. While you’re at it, please also pray for Trinity and for Timber-lee, their respective ministries and their hard-working staffs: that God would be glorified through us, his jars of clay. Pray, finally, for the personal foundation that has purchased the camp, the community needed to support the camp ministry, and the camp leadership as they seek to provide a dynamic camp experience while sharing the love of Christ to our regional youth. Trinity has always loved Timber-lee’s ministry and we are grateful that God has opened a door for its continuation. Stay tuned for more information. Grace and peace, President Nicholas Perrin signature Nicholas Perrin, PhD President Trinity International University