Boy Scout completes renovation of TIU outdoor sand volleyball venue

August 15, 2019
When Isaac Koob attended the Eagle Scout ceremony for his friend Luke Weber at Trinity International University a few years ago, he was inspired to initiate his own Eagle Project on the campus. He decided to make improvements to the outdoor sand volleyball court on the north end of campus. The estimated cost of what he wanted to accomplish was about $3,000. Koob went to work raising money for the project, and then assembled a team of about 30 volunteers to get the job done in about 18 hours of work during a three-day period. “I had a lot of help from all sides,” Koob said. “Never doubt what other people can do for you if you’ll only ask them.” Koob, who will be a senior this fall at nearby Warren Township High School, sent out letters to family and friends, asking for help in purchasing the materials. Koob said one of the most expensive items was mason sand, from which rocks and other objects are sifted in order to make a soft, smooth playing surface. An Eagle Project is the capstone project for a prospective Eagle Scout. According to the Scoutbook, the project must benefit “any religious institution, any school, or your community.” “Trinity has a religious connection, and it’s also a school,” Koob said. “I was able to qualify my project on two counts.” According to interim assistant dean of students Brett Mitchell, three Boy Scouts either have completed Eagle Projects on the TIU campus or are in the process of doing so. Another project renovated storage facilities at the Clothes Horse, Trinity’s campus ministry to students needing clothing, furniture, and other items. “I am grateful for this wonderful enhanced space,” Mitchell said of Koob’s volleyball project. “It will really make a wonderful difference in our intramural program.” In addition to intramural team competitions in sand volleyball, students living in nearby residence halls will enjoy the refurbished facility. TIU’s intercollegiate volleyball program will not use the new court. They play all of their matches indoors. The university’s annual picnic for faculty and staff, scheduled for Aug. 8, traditionally has included an outdoor volleyball tournament, and Mitchell said the final match could be played at the court Koob and his team refurbished.