A Look Into the Heart of Marci

February 1, 2022
Marci with students

By Abigail Olsson, Trinity Digest writer

Her love for the Lord is endless, her passion for people is motivational, and her impact on those she is around is continuous. Marcela Reinbrecht, most commonly known as Marci, is a beloved member of the Trinity International University (TIU) community.

Although she began her time at TIU as the Creative Dining Retail Manager, another layer of responsibilities was added when she took on the position of Front of the House Retail Manager last year.

Overseeing the concessions program, Hawkins Dining Hall, and Fresh Cafe staff, Marci balances many responsibilities. While handling the logistics, in order for the school’s dining services to function properly, she also ensures that the dining hall is up to par in look, feel, and student experience.

Marci’s role as Front of the House Retail Manager goes far beyond just administration. She diligently seeks intentional relationships with every student she encounters. She strives daily to support students in whatever ways she can.

Although balancing many responsibilities and ensuring both Hawkins and Fresh run smoothly, Marci describes her role as one that is “all about the students.” “I want to be a beacon of light and a beacon of encouragement to those in need of it,” she said. [caption id="attachment_804" align="alignleft" width="266"]Marcie with her parents Marci with her parents[/caption] TIU Senior Brianna Torres has been on the receiving end of Marci’s encouraging spirit. “When I invite her to games and she says she can make it, she never misses it,” Torres said. “She made it to my Senior Night, a night that was very special for me. I am grateful for her.” Marci’s career in dining services began at Judson University (JU), where she was employed for fourteen years until the Lord called her to TIU. From housing international students to providing Sunday morning breakfast for students in the architecture program, Marci selflessly served JU’s community. Now at TIU, she continues to seek intentional relationships with the student body.

“Coming from a different university and trying to apply that community aspect took some time, but I have been able to minister to some students,” Marci said.

Graduate student and TIU Women’s Soccer Captain Bob Gomez has been one of those students. Gomez has appreciated the intentionality and care Marci has shown her the past few years.

“I got to know Marci by coming to and from Fresh. She cares about me in regards to school and soccer but also cares about my personal life,” Gomez said. “She likes to check in about my personal health.”

 Marci strives to live out a quote from Maya Angelou in her efforts to care for the students’ well-being: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Growing up, Marci was surrounded by people who deeply cared for her through love and support. She now seeks to treat others in the same manner. By obeying the Holy Spirit’s calling for her to join the TIU community, Marci has touched the lives of many students. Whether sitting with someone new at lunch or sharing some of her experiences with those in need of encouragement, her intentionality is a blessing.