Tiffany Cheuvront

Tiffany: Discovering the Value of a Christian Legal Education

Tiffany Cheuvront had always wanted to go to law school, but the investment and time commitment made her dream feel out of reach. Instead, she forged a successful career as a director in the nonprofit world. Then, one day, she learned about Trinity Law School. The possibility of scholarships intrigued her, and after talking with her husband, she decided to apply. She was thrilled to receive a scholarship that paid for much of her education!

In addition to the scholarship opportunities, Tiffany was drawn to Trinity Law School because she saw a lot of value in a specifically Christian legal education — which she didn’t know existed before discovering Trinity Law School! “My values are more conservative and Christian, and I feel like a lot of the legal field can be the opposite of that, especially in California,” Tiffany said. “So, I felt like at Trinity they were instilling in me a way of handling that kind of atmosphere with a Christian perspective. There’s a lot of clients out there that want to have Christian attorneys because you share the same values.”

Tiffany enjoyed learning from her professors. “It is still a tough school with tough professors, but they are there with a Christian perspective. Their goal is not just to teach you about the law but also to influence your life as well.” This Christian atmosphere helped Tiffany remember the bigger picture and lean into her faith even when she was absorbed in her studies. “I always thought it was really great that professors started class with prayer or even devotions. In law school, your time is spread so thin that you don’t have time to refocus yourself sometimes. You could be stressed out about everything going on… but those moments refocused me on what is really important. I’m still friends with some of those professors.”

Those same professors often went out of their way to help Tiffany succeed. After she graduated and her friends were studying for the bar with her, they would go to the library together every day for months. When they were in the final weeks, there was a power outage for a couple of days because of some work being done in the city. Tiffany shared, “When the dean heard about it, he opened up his house to us. He said, ‘You guys just go and use whatever space you need, and you can stay there all day and you can study.’ How amazing that he was just like, ‘Go study! I know you guys need a space, and we don’t want what you are doing to be interrupted.’” Years later, that moment remains a sweet memory to Tiffany and an example of what sets Trinity Law School apart.

Trinity Law School pushed Tiffany to take chances academically and challenged her as a future attorney. “Every first year has to do oral arguments, even though I had already decided in my mind I was not going to do oral arguments. I wasn’t planning to be an attorney in court, just a transactional attorney. But then we did an oral argument competition, and I ended up winning! They asked me to be on the moot court team, an experience that I hadn’t even thought about.” Being on that team taught Tiffany about outlining her thoughts and prepared her for her future work.

Today, Tiffany is a managing attorney at a law firm. She works in constitutional law and nonprofit law, a perfect fit for her considering her previous career as a nonprofit director! She also enjoys working on First and Second Amendment issues and mentoring younger attorneys who are just beginning their careers.

To the donors of Trinity Law School, she emphasizes the importance of making legal education possible for people who might not be able to attend otherwise, like herself. “During my time at Trinity, there were a lot of people who were working very hard during the day at a regular job and then going to Trinity at night and on the weekends. I am so appreciative of my scholarship and Trinity’s donors because they make it possible for us to attend. Having the scholarship gave me the financial ability to go to law school.”

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