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BA in Biblical Studies

APPLY WHAT YOU LEARN. Biblical Studies majors seek the truth revealed in Scripture. Students learn to accurately interpret the Bible in light of its ancient and contemporary contexts while also discovering something else: studying God's Word can be an act of worship. At Trinity, the classroom itself becomes a space for worshipping in faithfulness where learning, prayer, and Scripture come together.
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Why study Biblical Studies at Trinity Florida?
Trinity Florida provides opportunities for you to learn, interact with others in ministry, and engage with local pastors to prepare you for positions of leadership in the church, or other ministries. A Biblical Studies major at Trinity Florida also thoroughly prepares you for seminary or further graduate studies.

Did you know?
Trinity Florida is part of Trinity International University. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS), listed among the top 10 divinity schools in the United States, is also part of Trinity International University. Biblical Studies majors often choose to pursue graduate studies (like the Master of Divinity) at TEDS
after completing their degree.

BA in Business Administration

Prepare yourself today to be tomorrow’s business leader! Whether you are an experienced business person seeking a degree to enhance your knowledge or just entering the business world for the first time, the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration provides the fundamental business knowledge and management skills you need to build your career.
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Why study Business Administration at Trinity Florida?
Trinity Florida’s Business program educates students in the professional competencies needed to serve as the business leaders of tomorrow. Challenging classes are designed with innovative, active learning approaches to prepare you for the demands and complexities of today’s business world. You will learn to serve in the marketplace as a person committed to Christ who seeks to worship him faithfully and lovingly build towards the economic health of the community.

What will I study?
In addition to the core required courses across all majors, students pursuing a Business Administration degree will focus on the following areas: General Business and Business Administration.

You’ll take interesting courses like:

  • Leadership and Organizational Culture
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Visionary Leadership

BA in Christian Ministries

Equip yourself for ministry with the biblical, theological, and social science foundations necessary to serve Christ in all areas of life! In the Christian Ministries major, courses are designed to help you develop strong personal integrity and ministry competence.
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Why study Christian Ministries at Trinity Florida?
All Christian Ministries students participate in a reflective ministry internship, a hope-filled mentoring experience that provides first-hand exposure to diverse areas of ministry under appropriate supervision. Throughout the program you will learn what it means to worship God in faithfulness and how to build bridges in love across cultural boundaries. Students who study together have several common interests: a passion for the Lord, a love for people, and a desire to see this world transformed for the glory of God. All students in the program seek to enhance their understanding and skills in ministry, whether they are entering or already participating in Christian service. Does this describe you? If so, TIU- Florida will prepare you both theologically and practically in the areas of personal maturity, relational competence, and ministry skills to engage contemporary culture through Christ for His kingdom.

Did you know?
Trinity Florida is part of Trinity International University. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS), listed among the top 10 divinity schools in the United States, is also part of Trinity International University. Christian Ministries majors often choose to pursue graduate studies (like the Master of Divinity) at TEDS after completing their degree.

BA in Elementary Education

The early years of a child’s education are crucial as they shape the human capacity for future learning and development. Trinity Florida’s Elementary Education program is dedicated to preparing educators for this mission. In every course, students are encouraged to explore their role as Christians in teaching and influencing children. In our broken world, children need teachers who serve them in love and inspire hope within them. If that is your calling, then this is your program.
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Why study Elementary Education at Trinity Florida?
Trinity Florida will prepare you to be a part of the development process, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective educator and leader in the classroom. Experienced professors introduce you to the expanding literature in the field of education.
Course work provides needed credits to qualify for elementary certification from the State of Florida where numerous employment opportunities are available.

What will I Study?
Along with the core required courses across all majors, students pursuing an Elementary Education degree will complete the core educational courses. Additionally, this educational experience will include a final step toward developing competency as an educator in the ED483 Student Teaching course comprised of 12 weeks in an elementary classroom.

You’ll also take interesting courses like:

  • ESOL Methods
  • Literacy Development and Assessment
  • Introduction to Special Education
  • Classroom Management

BA in General Business

Become the entrepreneur the world needs today! With a diverse selection of business related classes, the General Business degree will help develop critical thinking, leadership and communication skills that will aid you in furthering your career.
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With a diverse selection of business related classes, the General Business degree will help develop critical thinking, leadership and communication skills that will aid you in furthering your career. The General Business program provides the fundamental understandings in the areas of finance, business law, marketing, strategic planning, management, economics and analysis. These courses are designed to prepare you to become the kind of entrepreneurial leader the world needs within a Christian worldview.


In addition to the core-required courses across all majors, General business students will have the opportunity to choose a wide selection of elective courses as well as take interesting courses like:

  • Legal Environment of Organizations
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Human Resources Management

BA in Organizational Leadership

No matter what level people work at within an organization, their jobs require proficiency at “soft skills,” such as working with people and being self-directed. Employers expect universities to prepare graduates with these skills, and the BA in Organizational Leadership helps students meet this expectation. The skills emphasized in the Organizational Leadership studies—critical thinking, problem solving, and communication—equip Trinity Florida students to make a redemptive difference in today’s world. Bridge building in love is the core of all leadership.
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Why study Organizational Leadership at Trinity Florida?
This program is open to a wide range of business professionals, pastors, and nonprofit leaders seeking professional and personal skill development. This program is perfect for both seasoned and emerging leaders with a desire to learn biblical approaches to leadership. Throughout the major, students are encouraged to bring insights from experience into the classroom and to apply learning from the classroom in the workplace.

Did you know?
The Organizational Leadership degree also serves as a springboard for a variety of advanced degree programs, such as an MBA, or MAL program.

BA in Psychology

Relationships are an essential part of life, but they don’t come without challenges. As a Psychology major, not only will you learn conceptual theories and research methods, but you will also learn how to relate to others and communicate effectively, skills that enable you to participate in God’s restorative work in a broken world.

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Why study Psychology at Trinity Florida?
The Psychology degree at Trinity International University-Florida will not only prepare you for further study in the field of psychology but also equip you for many careers related to the field of Psychology. Study under professors who have both clinical experiences and research backgrounds, providing a holistic approach to psychology in every class. Application of psychological principles along with the integration of a biblical worldview will encourage you to grow in your personal life, interpersonal relationships, spiritual well-being, and professional competencies, as will the rich diversity of experiences professors and students bring to each class. The BA in Psychology is the perfect degree if your goal is to mentor others with hope and help them become whole persons who love God and others.

Did you know?
Trinity International University has one of the leading Mental Health Counseling graduate degrees. Psychology majors often choose to pursue the Mental Health Counseling graduate studies after completing their degree.

MA in Leadership

The MA in Leadership is designed to empower you to lead more effectively. You will be challenged to enrich your character by developing your ability to make ethically sound and biblically principled decisions and by gaining wisdom for managing relationships within and outside the corporate world.
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Why study Leadership at Trinity Florida?
The MA in Leadership program is intended for faith-minded individuals who want to enhance their leadership capabilities. Perhaps you are a mid-range manager who wants more education to help press in on your increasing responsibilities. Maybe you are someone who feels that God has called you to work with a diverse group of individuals to realize certain ambitions but you realize you need more tools to do this well. The MA in Leadership program is the bridge that can help you get to the next level.

MA in Mental Health Counseling

Through Trinity Graduate School students can pursue a Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling. The degree equips students to integrate professional counseling with a biblical worldview. It provides a strong background in counseling theory and practice while allowing students to tailor the program to their specific career interests.
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Why study Mental Health Counseling at Trinity Florida?
Trinity’s Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling is designed to provide a quality, licensure-track program for students who desire a professional context from which to share hope and healing with hurting people. Professional excellence is fostered through academic course work, quality fieldwork, and other formative opportunities. Training in relevant mental health methodology, built on a solid, biblical foundation of knowledge and theological understanding, equips students to bring their Christian faith into focus in the practice of professional mental health counseling. The program is designed to serve those students who will enter counseling as their primary professional vocation with an underlying sense of ministry purpose.

MA in Theological Studies

Whether you are already serving in ministry or exploring your call to Christian service, the MATS will help prepare you to be an effective servant of Christ Jesus. The program is also an ideal option if your field of Christian service is the marketplace. The MATS at Trinity Florida is a program of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, one of the most respected and well-known seminaries in the United States and globally. The courses embody core values at Trinity: Worshipping in Faithfulness, Mentoring in Hope, and Building Bridges in Love.
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Why study Theological Studies at Trinity Florida?
The MA in Theological Studies is an intentionally broad initial degree in theological studies. Combining academic rigor and spiritual depth, and incorporating biblical, theological, historical, global, and practical ministry studies, the MATS equips students for multi-faceted service to Christ and His kingdom. It is also an excellent theological degree that prepares graduates for further theological education through additional degrees at TEDS or other schools. The flexibility inherent in the MATS enables students to tailor their program to meet their personal educational and vocational goals.