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Update - Undergraduate

Trinity International University will phase out TIU-Florida undergraduate program operations, effective at the end of the 2024 Spring Semester. Please see the FAQ below for additional information.


When are these changes going to be implemented?

  • These changes will take effect immediately upon the close of the 2023-24 academic year. While we won’t be admitting new students for TIU-Florida’s spring 2024 subterm 2, these subterms will proceed as scheduled for current students.

I am a current student. What options do I have?

  • Waiting for Donato’s Email
  • Will TIU assist me in finding another college to attend for next year?
  • How can I receive guidance and support as I determine what to do to finish my degree?

Will I be able to participate in Commencement this spring if I am eligible?

  • Yes,  TIU-Florida students who have applied and have been working with Academic Records will still be eligible to participate in the Spring 2024 Commencement. Ensure you have followed the necessary steps and refer to the communication from Academic Records regarding Commencement.
  • TIU-Florida Commencement will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2024.

What will happen to the credits I have taken at TIU?

  • All credits earned at Trinity are valid. The Higher Learning Commission regionally accredits Trinity International University, and credits will be considered for transfer by any other regionally accredited institution.

Opportunities for Transfer

  • We encourage students, especially those who have two or more years remaining in their program, to prayerfully consider transferring to another institution.  To help students who wish to consider transferring, Trinity will provide transcripts free of charge for students who need to send them to the College to which they’re transferring. We suggest you wait to pull your official transcripts until after your spring 2023 semester grades are posted.
  • Additionally, Trinity leadership is in communication with other Christian institutions who are eager to welcome Trinity students to finish their degree at these institutions. These schools include:
    • Warner University (FL), warner.edu(Online and in person)
    • Corban University (OR), corban.edu (Online and in person)
    • Moody Bible Institute (IL), moody.edu (online and in person, including majors in biblical studies, theological studies, ministry leadership, and “integrated ministry studies” where a student can finish any bachelor’s degree they previously started by transferring up to 90 credits into this flexible and customizable program).
    • Palm Beach Atlantic University (FL), pba.edu (online and in person)
  • More information, and potentially more schools, will be added here in the FAQs as it becomes available, so please check back often.

If I’m graduating in Spring 2024 or if I decide to complete my degree at TIU, will it still be considered valid?

  • Yes. The Higher Learning Commission accredits Trinity International University, including TIU-Florida, and employers and other colleges/universities will recognize your degree as a valid degree with full accreditation.

What will happen to my student records? What if I need a transcript?

Do I have to pay any balance owed on my account?

  • Yes, you are responsible for any outstanding tuition and fees with TIU. Please contact Bursar’s Office at [email protected].

If I decide to complete my degree at TIU, what happens to any scholarships I have?

  • You will retain your scholarships through the remainder of your degree according to the original terms of your scholarship. If you have any questions, email [email protected].

How long will I be able to maintain my Trinity email address? Can I still use software like Office 365 that has been supplied by the College?

  • Your TIU email accounts will be active while you are still a student or until you are no longer enrolled in one of Trinity’s programs. Email accounts are retired after two consecutive semesters elapse without the student enrolling in a course. Once the email account is retired, you will no longer be able to access email or utilize any software associated with TIU, such as Office 365, Google Workspace, and many of the library’s resources.

As a student, how will I receive my 1098-T tax form?

  • Tax information will be made available via myTIU under the Student Finances tab.