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Virtual Open House

Take your leadership to a higher level. We invite you into a dynamic, multicultural learning community that will enrich your life, career, and walk with God. We offer a high-quality education from a Christian perspective specialized in serving adult learners who want to earn a new degree or complete something they have already started.

Join us for our virtual open house and learn about our…

  • Hybrid modality with classes in the evenings
  • Academic offering
  • Free application process

You will also learn about our New Career Advantage Scholarship!
This 50% tuition scholarship was created as an intentional response to the real-world economic challenges that many in our communities are navigating. A new year should invite new opportunities for growth, and through the Career Advantage Scholarship, we welcome all new students registering for the Spring 2023 semester with this significant financial benefit to encourage their journey towards their purpose and inspire their aspirations to answer their professional and spiritual calling.

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