Speaking & Teaching

Mosaic Gathering: Building Bridges in Love
(Jan. 2021)

“Straightening Out God’s People,” North Suburban Church, EFCA (March 2021)

President Perrin on books, writing,
and advice for students (Dec. 2020)

“The Resurrection of the Body…,”
TEDS Chapel (Jan. 2021)

Where Trinity Is Heading:
Q & A with President Perrin (Oct. 2020)

Day of Prayer, TIU Chapel (Oct. 2020)

TEDS Chapel on Rom. 13:1–14:13​ (Oct. 2020)

Panel on Preaching & Politics (Oct. 2020)

The Racial Pandemic: Reflections As God’s People (Sept. 2020)

A Christian’s Calling in Democratic Elections
(Oct. 2020)

Cars, Coffee, Theology podcast (March 2020)

Reflection on Psalm 23 (March 2020)

TEDS Chapel on Mark 10:1–12 (Jan. 2020)

College Chapel (March 2020)

College Chapel (Jan. 2020)

Kingdom of God symposium (May 2019)

“Kingdom of God (Diaspora),”
Mosaic Gathering (Jan. 2020)

TEDS Chapel on Mark 9:1–29 (Dec. 2019)

Mosaic Gathering Kickoff (Aug. 2019)

College Chapel on Mark 1:1–2:12 (Sept. 2019)

The Kingdom of God: A Biblical Theology
(Feb. 2019)

“Where You Need to Be,” Convocation Address 2019