By Nicholas Perrin

Jesus The Priest

In this book, Nicholas Perrin offers a fresh paradigm for understanding the historical Jesus. He challenges the “standard reading” of classic texts (including the Parable of the Sower, the Beatitudes, and the Lord’s Prayer) to argue that Jesus primarily identified himself not as sage or prophet but as Israel’s eschatological high priest. As priest, Jesus claims to reveal God’s unchanging character through his own person and he announces the impending climax of God’s eschatological purpose, constituted by the arrival of the heavenly temple on earth. Jesus the Priest identifies Jesus’ priesthood as a mediating understanding that sheds crucial light on the kingdom of God.
Perrin’s insightful theological contribution synthesizes the best in scholarly reconstructions of Jesus’ life and teaching. It will be of interest to professors and students in New Testament courses, scholars, and anyone interested in theologically engaged historical-Jesus study.
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