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University Records is part of the Enrollment Management Team and maintains Trinity students’ academic records, coordinates web registration and web adds/drops, generates enrollment certification, provides transcript services, maintains student demographic information including permanent and local addresses, majors, degree programs, class standing, and related academic information.

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To conveniently serve Trinity International University students around the clock, Trinity has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for transcript processing, enrollment verification, and degree verification. Please use the following links depending on which service you require.
Please contact us if you have any questions. Phone: 847.317.8050 Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Our friendly and experienced staff provides a safe environment and seeks to help facilitate your growth toward wholeness through individual and group counseling. The counseling center provides services that promote healing and life formation and help students personally succeed while receiving quality Christian training. Counseling Center >>

Services Offered

The counseling center at TEDS provides services that promote healing and life formation while helping professionals through quality Christian training. Types of services offered:
Individual counseling: The counseling center provides individual counseling for students who wish to speak confidentially with one of our qualified counselors regarding a personal set of circumstances. Often, students focus their time around issues such as family, relationships, identity, depression, anxiety, decision-making, grief, loss, and others.
Group counseling: The counseling center offers a variety of groups to join each semester. Each group focuses on a predetermined topic where it will provide education and support from others who have a common experience or concern. Group usually involve 3-8 participants and topics vary each semester depending on the students’ needs.
Premarital counseling: The counseling center provides premarital counseling for engaged couples. Counseling consists of 8 sessions the contents of which are subject to variation based on the couple and the counselor.
Referral services to Christian counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists who are off-campus. These may be issued for mediation, consultation, substance use, counseling and other specialized needs.
All services rendered are confidential. If you have any questions about our counseling services, please contact us.

Testing Services

Testing Services We also administer various tests (MDiv Counseling Assessment, Miller Analogies Test, etc.) that will help you prepare for your future career and ministry.
MAT TESTING Trinity Counseling Center will host the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on several upcoming dates to be announced in the future. Registration for the MAT will start at 10:00 a.m. and will begin testing by 10:30 a.m. The test is a one-hour timed exam and should be completed close to 11:30 a.m.
Where? The test will be held in the computer lab at Rolfing Library on Trinity International University Campus.
What to bring on Test Day? On the day of testing, test takers must bring following with them: Two valid forms of ID and the testing fee of $85.00 in either cash or check form (Please write checks out to Trinity International University). The two forms of ID must include; Picture ID in the form of a driver’s license or a passport. Second ID in the form of a credit card, utility bill, student ID or a library card. Make sure to know your social security number or have your social security card on hand in order to provide it on the day of testing for registration.
Additional Information Scratch paper and pencils will be provided. Please keep in mind, during the test you are not allowed to have anything at your desk, including cell phones, notebooks, water bottles, etc. You will not be permitted to leave the room at any time during the test. If you’d like to take a practice test or if you have other questions about the test itself, please see
Prior to Test Day Call Trinity Counseling Center at 847.317.4067 and let us know you will be taking the test. You will need to provide us with your name, email, and phone number to sign up for the test. The additional information we collect will be on test day during registration.


The Thrive Center is committed to helping students cultivate their academic excellence, become life-long learners, and pursue their personal and professional goals. Our goal is to walk alongside students, meeting them where they are and providing services that will help them thrive in all aspects of their learning experience. To this end, we provide services in the areas of academic support, academic guidance, and career development.

Academic and Career Support Services

The Thrive Center offers services to help students become more efficient, effective, and engaged learners. We offer: language tutoring, student accessibility resources, a testing center and writing assistance services
Additional Services In addition, we also offer: academic peer advising, career development, family enrichment & tutoring programs as well as family tutoring.
Contact us!
Call: 847.317.8193
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: TIU Thrive Center


The International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO) works with more than 150 international students at Trinity to provide support and advocacy, as well as working to foster cross-cultural understanding through integration of the international students and the broader community.

Helping with transitions

The ISSO is committed to helping international students as they transition to life in the States. We provide counseling on immigration issues and cultural adjustments, we facilitate a special orientation for international students, and we work to coordinate hospitality and the availability of household items and furniture. We also offer exciting fellowship groups, various activities and events throughout the school year (such as the annual Revelation 7 Week celebration, the International Students’ Graduation Dinner, and Global Coffee Hours), and can help international students get academic tutoring.

Visas and legal matters

Our office works to ensure that international students understand and are able to comply with all visa requirements. Information on all the relevant requirements is found through our application process (Link to TEDS Apply page) (be sure to check the box for international students).

We look forward to meeting and serving you! If you have any specific questions about applying as an international student, please email or call an Admissions Counselor.


The Office of Ministry Placement helps TIU and TEDS students and alumni fill full-time openings at churches and other ministry-focused organizations.
The Placement Office exists to facilitate connections between ministries offering vocational ministry opportunities and graduates seeking ministry placement, whether they be recent graduates or alumni. We work with churches and ministries from a variety of denominations (and independent churches) in filling both full-time and bi-vocational positions.

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