Student Accessibility Resources

Thank you for your interest in Student Accessibility Resources offered at Trinity for students with documented disabilities. We know that looking for a college is a challenging and important task for students and their parents. When a student has a disability that impacts educational performance or access to campus, the search can be daunting. At Trinity, we work one on one with students to make the transition into college as smooth as possible. We are committed to helping students with disabilities navigate the barriers to their educational experience by providing reasonable accommodations in academics and student housing.

The Process

The request for reasonable accommodations is handled by Dr. Peter Wright, Coordinator of Student Accessibility Resources ([email protected]). An application is made, documentation is reviewed and reasonable accommodations are determined in consultation with the student.

Reasonable Accommodations

The following reasonable accommodations are examples of those that are available at Trinity.

  • Extended time on tests and quizzes
  • Quiet location for taking tests
  • Disability related absences and deadline extensions
  • Receive advanced access to course materials
  • Volunteer note taker
  • Audio recording class session
  • Handouts in enlarged font size / electronic format
  • Access to digital books

Thrive Center

The Office of Student Accessibility Resources is housed in the Thrive Center, which offers academic support and guidance along with career development for Trinity students to help them become more efficient, effective, and engaged learners.

Contact Us!

To learn more about reasonable accommodations at Trinity, complete this inquiry form to receive more information or start the process of requesting reasonable accommodations.